How Important Is A Blog For Business?

Having a Blog on the company’s website attracts more visitors interested in these contents. And having more people joining the site means that, over time, those people can become new customers.

Given this, creating a blog is one of the strategies that can be used to bring new people to your page. That’s because offering quality content makes your website more exciting and your brand an authority on the subject.

If you liked this idea and want to know more, in this text, you will:

  • Understand what a blog is and know the first steps on how to create one 
  • See why your business will win if you blog. 
  • Know 5 benefits of having a blog

What Is A Blog?

The blog is a page where various contents are published. It works like a library, but you find texts, eBooks, infographics, videos, photos, and even audio instead of books.  Want a practical example? If you have a craft store, your site visitors will like to know about the manufacturing process of an item or a curiosity about the subject. That would make a great blog post!

How To Create A Blog?

Now that you understand what it is, let’s see how to create a blog :

  1. Look for a complete service, with Website Creation with hosting included.
  2. Choose an attractive domain. It should be short, easy to write and remember, and of course, be associated with your brand name!
  3. Use the available templates to make it your own 
  4. Start planning blog posts and outreach!

The posts, that is, the content on the blog, need to be thought out, focusing on the audience you want to attract. To help you, we have prepared some tips:

  • Look for news and trends that are related to your area of ​​expertise
  • Write an informative post that is easy and enjoyable to read
  • Use images to illustrate what you are talking about
  • Read other blogs on the same subject to get references on how the competition is doing
  • Use text to talk about your brand or product

How Important Is A Blog To Your Business?

A blog is an essential tool in attracting new people who can be potential customers. A survey by Content Trends, one of the primary Content Marketing surveys, showed that blogs have 3.7 times more visitors to their website. And if these people can turn into customers! But does not stop there. Your blog could be the answer your customer is looking for with the right SEO strategies. When he asks a question or does a Google search, the first links that appear are the most clicked. 

That way, when someone searches for something you’ve already talked about, your link will be one of the first to show up. And it’s not just the position on Google that should be evaluated. Try to track some metrics, such as: 

  • New visitors vs. returning visitors
  • Visitor origin (use this data to assess whether the form of disclosure is paying off)
  • Visitor location (this information may introduce you to a potential market that you have not yet seen)

Knowing how to create a blog and what to analyze, start using this tool in other stages of Digital Marketing besides attracting visitors. For example, you can create publications aimed at those who have consumed one type of product and encourage them to learn about another.

Using the example of handmade products, content about why to use natural makeup can be sent to those who bought soap. Just like a skincare publication can be sent to all customers. In the end, the relationship between the company and the user is closer, and your brand is seen as an authority on that subject.

5 Benefits Blogging Brings To Your Business

Are you almost convinced to start a blog today? So check out these 5 benefits of having a blog, so you don’t have any more doubts!

Increases Your Company’s Visibility

Grab users’ attention using quality content. Through content that delivers information and knowledge, your business solves your customers’ problems and becomes a reference on that subject. Soon, your business is in evidence; the user will remember your brand when they need something.

Helps In The Relationship With The Public

Be the great partner your client is looking for. Be present at all stages of the buyer’s journey, giving them the information they need before deciding. Therefore, it is essential to know the sales funnel and include it in your strategy. Thus, your business will be close to customers when they need information, product, or service.

Low Production Cost

Implementing a blog fits your budget. That’s because you don’t need to have in-depth technical knowledge, and you can play this step yourself. This makes blogging a low-cost marketing action that doesn’t need a lot of investment. It would help if you kept it updated with your relevant content.

Position Your Business As A Reference In The Sector

You won’t just be a business; you’ll be the brand that understands everything about that sector! Given this, it is your business that users will look for when they have questions or want more details. You are making your brand always one step ahead of the competition.

Introduce Your Products And Services

And of course, we can’t forget about their products and services. Blogging is an alternative to showing users what you do.  Therefore, you can use information-based content to show why your product is the solution to the problem. Or even, when there is a release, present all the news in more detail.

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