Will The iPhone 16 Change Its Look To Return To The Past?

A new look and a vertical positioning of the cameras could characterize the next iPhone 16. According to what was reported by MacRumors, one of the main sites specializing in Apple, which has picked up leaks and rumors online, the new Apple smartphone arriving at the end of 2024 will resemble the iPhone pill and no longer obliquely as happened up until the iPhone 15.

A change that would serve Apple to differentiate the device better, highlight – if necessary – the difference with the Pro models, and allow engineers to expand the possibility of recording videos compatible with the immersive playback of Apple Vision Pro, the latest viewer just launched on the market by the Cupertino company.

It was created by Concept Creator, trying to imagine what the new iPhone 16 could be based on the latest news emerging from leaks and analysts close to the Apple environment. Clearly, with the launch still being several months away, they still need to be officially confirmed by Apple, so they should be taken with a pinch of salt. For example, the video is missing the new Capture button that should make its debut under the power button on the right side of the phone.

In any case, there are a lot of irons in the fire. It is difficult to think that the iPhone 16 could be a transitional model in Apple’s strategy, which envisages an exceptional 2024 from the Vision Pro already on shelves in the United States up to the next generation of smartwatches with the Apple Watch In between, Apple’s new range of phones will serve to seal an important year. Let’s try to understand what it will be like based on the news we have at the moment.

The iPhone 16 Ultra Record

The following lineup will see the debut of the new iPhone 16 Ultra, which should take the place of the old Pro Max to distinguish it better from the Pro variant and enrich it with many more features. What will be the best iPhone of 2024 will no longer have just a pinch more display or a more professional camera but should constitute a natural third choice within the usual range of four smartphones.

The Ultra model itself, together with the Pro, should have a larger display – 6.9 and 6.3 inches, respectively – fragmenting the Apple offer with four screens of different sizes to try to differentiate the range as much as possible and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each phone. So, in summary, this could be the upcoming iPhone 16 range:

  • iPhone 16 with 6.1 inch screen, A17 Bionic chip and “old” dual 48+12 MP camera;
  • iPhone 16 Plus with 6.7 inch screen, A17 Bionic chip and “old” dual 48+12 MP camera;
  • iPhone 16 Pro with 6.3-inch screen, A18 Bionic chip and “new” 48+48+12 MP triple camera and 5x periscopic zoom;
  • iPhone 16 Ultra with 6.9-inch screen, A18 Bionic chip and “new” 48+48+12 MP triple camera and 10x periscope zoom.

A reshuffling of the cards would help Apple better distribute its smartphones in the various price ranges and satisfy those who need different cuts. But above all, it will allow Apple to insert the new tetraprism telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom on the Pro, thus renewing the photographic sector, which will be composed of a further 48 MP primary sensor – iPhone 16 and 16 Plus would have the one already seen on the iPhone 15 Pro – a new 48 MP wide angle with pixel binning and the ability to shoot at 48 MP in ProRaw (to have brighter shots more suitable for post-production and printing) and the periscope telephoto lens with optical zoom already seen on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

A tetra prism lens should debut on the Ultra model to improve the telephoto and push to a more accentuated focal length – some even talk about a 10x optical zoom. The leap to the new A18 Bionic chip, a new battery capable of increasing autonomy, and the transition to the new 5G modem made in-house by Apple were then confirmed. However, the arrival of the new microLED displays is unlikely, as is the adoption of Face ID technology under the display – postponed to 2025, when there could be a farewell to Dynamic Island.

How The New Capture Button Will Work

The novelty for 2023 on the Pro models was the replacement of the switch to activate the Silent mode with a programmable Action button: it is possible to choose between quick access to the camera or the flashlight, whether to start Voice Memos, the Full immersion, Translate and access accessibility features like Magnifier or use Shortcuts for other options. Thanks to the long press with improved haptic feedback and visual indications in Dynamic Island, the new button activates the desired action.

Here, from next year on iPhone 16, this button should be available on all models in the range and will be capacitive, meaning it will have a sensor capable of measuring the force with which it is pressed to allow the user to memorize more “shortcuts.” to be activated in the space of one click. But the real coup de theater of the following lineup will be called the Capture button and should be placed in the lower part of the right edge of the phone.

It will not be mechanical, i.e., clickable. Still, it will detect the pressure of the finger, guaranteeing haptic feedback in a similar way to what already happens with the home button of the iPhone SE, opening up the possibility of having two shooting options. What is it for? It hasn’t been spoiled yet, but there are several free-to-interpret versions: there are those who think that it could be used to unlock new virtual reality features yet to be discovered or those who. It is the most realistic scenario, believing that it can allow us to take photos without having to press on the screen. A shutter that will enable you to set the focus and then take the picture, a bit like what has been happening for some time on the main cameras.

When Does The iPhone 16 Come Out, And How Much Does It Cost

If the iPhone 16 followed the same process seen this year, it is conceivable to risk a release between 20 September and 4 October 2024, staggered depending on the variants: the more expensive models will be released first, and the cheaper variants one or two months later. Given the new features in terms of displays, it is possible to think that Apple will decide to adjust the price list to adjust its offer by pushing the new iPhone 16 Ultra beyond the €2000 threshold. Also, given the discount offered in 2023, it is unlikely that the following lineup will start again at just €979. We will have to wait until September to understand if all these rumors will be confirmed and if we will be able to include the iPhone 16 among the best smartphones of the year.

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