ERP Software For SME Management

Drive your SME to new levels of efficiency and profitability.

Digital innovation for SMEs

On many occasions we think that digital innovation is only intended for large companies, but nothing could be further from the truth. A well-managed SME has the potential to become a large company, regardless of its size, and therefore must have the same tools as large companies.

Should my SME opt for an ERP solution now?

Digitalization facilitates decision making, encourages organized business growth and optimizes the profitability of your business to the maximum.

In such a globalized market, SMEs have found in their commitment to ERP a way to not only ensure their competitiveness, but also optimize the performance of their business thanks to the new levels of efficiency generated. An ERP system for SMEs is the cornerstone on which to base digital management.

Integrating an ERP in an SME is a very important decision, it always requires investment, but when the time comes when an Excel table is insufficient to manage all the information of your company, it is therefore essential to implement management software for SMEs.

How do I know if my SME needs an ERP?

If any of the following signs occur, the time has come to implement an ERP in your SME:

  • You can no longer control the growing demand for your products or services by hand.
  • There are delays due to lack of stock and your sales fall.
  • It is increasingly difficult to generate reports and maintain control of processes.
  • Your data is not reliable because you do not have control of the information.
  • There are leaks in the security of your data.
  • Processes are not executed on time.
  • The information is not updated in real time and a large amount of time has to be lost manually including important data for the company.

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