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Virtual Reality: 4 Things To Know To Integrate

Do you want to organize an innovative event for your employees? An immersive VR workshop has many advantages in making your event attractive and capturing participants’ attention. Why use virtual reality, and how to manage this experience? Here are four things to know before you get started. 

Why Organize An Immersive Workshop?

Organizing an immersive workshop allows you to give your participants a unique experience. Getting out of your everyday life and discovering a new innovative activity is exciting. You will have a good chance of capturing their full attention.

Likewise, discovering a new technology is an opportunity to live a significant experience. Virtual reality is particularly engaging for users; it appeals to emotions and bodily feelings, immersing them in captivating and realistic virtual universes.

This is why companies offer immersive workshops to their employees. This is particularly the case with our partner, Future Agency, which organizes innovative experiences to help companies project themselves into the future of their sector and transform themselves. VR is an excellent tool for visualizing future scenarios to anticipate change and propose solutions.

How Do You Use And Appropriate Virtual Reality Equipment?

It is essential to count on the support of a professional to use the virtual reality headset. Experts are there to prepare the equipment and manage the configuration when it is used.

Once the Oculus ( from Meta, formerly Facebook ) is installed, the user enters into total immersion in their virtual environment. Through interaction with projected reality and movement, our brain captures information differently. This is why VR is particularly suitable for training; it allows learning in a stimulating and impactful way.

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We recommend providing 30-minute slots in the headset for events and workshops. Indeed, the headset enhances the auditory and visual senses tenfold, while other purposes, such as balance or touch, can be disoriented. By minimizing exposure time, we limit these sensations, which can be disturbing.

A Shared Experience Based On Collective Intelligence

VR allows people in different locations to connect and collaborate in a common space: working, sharing ideas, and solving problems for a richer and more engaging experience.

Likewise, gaming and cooperative activities can create perfect memories within a team during your events and for team-building moments. Participants must work together to achieve common goals, strengthening collaboration and exchange.

The group experience can be reassuring when faced with material we do not master. To create the best possible experience, we recommend that you be supervised by a professional who can guide you

Encourage Feedback

We know that it is always important to allow participants to share their experiences, which are unique to each person. Testing virtual reality remains an entirely unusual activity, and we recommend allowing time for participants to share their emotions afterward.

After a session in a Metaquest headset, several questions are addressed regarding the physical sensations linked to the equipment and immersion. “Is the helmet heavy? Do you have headaches? How did you experience this escape in your body? »

It is also an opportunity to imagine together what the future could look like. A space for creativity opens up when we are exposed to new technologies; take advantage of this to project yourself into the future and its possibilities!

Here are many reasons to integrate virtual reality into your corporate events. To provide the best possible experience for your participants, count on the support of professionals who will guide you throughout the journey and help you succeed.

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