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Ten Sites To Find Computer Spare Parts

The best alternative to purchasing a computer is computer spare parts, which are used to replace defective or obsolete parts. In addition to repair, these components also offer the possibility of customizing and improving the performance of your computer systems. With the diversification of online markets, today, there are a multitude of sites specializing in the supply of parts and accessories for computers and laptops. Here are ten reliable sites where you can find a diverse range of computer spare parts.


LDLC has 25 years of experience and offers a catalog of more than 30,000 references. It is the address of choice for enthusiasts who wish to create a high-performance gaming PC or a computer with a personalized configuration. Among the best-sellers at LDLC, you will find the latest generation Gigabyte GeForce GTX 4070 graphics card, NV2 1 TB Kingston SSD, Corsair Vengeance LPX Series 2 × 16 GB RAM memory, or even AMD Ryzen 7 processor. LDLC also offers a range of 80 Plus certified PC power supplies and motherboards adapted to all needs (mini ITX, Micro ATX, etc.)

Created in 2000, is a well-established online store that sells computer hardware, electronic products, computer components, and PC setups. The service is provided by more than 100 experienced professionals located on-site and in its eight physical stores. It specializes in the design and assembly of custom PCs adapted to different needs: games, graphic design, video editing, etc. The site offers a variety of popular and high-quality products, such as the Seagate Barracuda hard drive and Be Quiet fan! Pure Wings, Intel Core processor, RGB PC case, etc.

IPC Computer

In 20 years, IPC Computer has sold more than a million spare parts for laptop PCs and has repaired more than 35,000 machines. This online store of computer hardware and components specializes in wholesale sales, particularly on behalf of many laptop manufacturers. Offering a reliable and fast service, 75% of products ordered are processed and sent within the day. The site has a search engine allowing you to select different brands to easily find the computer parts adapted to your needs: batteries, chargers, fans, screens, etc.


Topachat’s services are aimed at demanding users who need to create a tailor-made PC or a personalized gaming computer. This specialized shop offers a wide choice of quality computer components such as motherboard, processor, graphics card, PC case and power supply, upgrade kit, etc. Its catalog includes a diverse range of products from renowned brands such as Intel, AMD, MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, Corsaire, and Cooler Master. Topachat regularly offers sales as well as flash sales to save on the purchase of your computer components and spare parts.


Founded in 1998, Grosbill is an expert in the sale of high-tech equipment and spare parts for laptops. It offers a wide choice of computer components, from processors and GPUs to motherboards and SSD drives, including PC power supplies and cooling. In-store or online stores, a wide range of PC cases and gaming cases are available. Grosbill also offers a selection of high-performance products to optimize the configuration of your gaming PC: AMD and Nvidia graphics card, Corsair and Kingston DDR4 RAM, Mad Catz mouse, Roccat keyboard, etc. is a supplier of computer spare parts for businesses and individuals. On this specialized site, professionals benefit from automatic discounts on the purchase of computer components for PC and Mac, depending on the quantity of their orders. As a wholesaler of computer parts, Touche-de-clavier offers different accessories and components, such as keyboards, screens, chargers, batteries, etc. These parts are available in large volumes, ranging from several dozen to hundreds of units per batch. IT products are only offered on the site, with the possibility of collection from the premises for large orders.

Laptop Part

Pièce PC Portable specializes in laptop repair and the sale of computer components. The online store has a stock of more than 30,000 references of parts and accessories: screen, keyboard, fan, battery, charger, connector, etc. To facilitate your search, the site provides an engine allowing you to find the item you need. Takes just a few clicks. Simply select the brand, enter the model name, or type the manufacturer’s reference. The repair services offered by Pièce PC Portable include screen, keyboard, or laptop fan replacement, mechanical cleaning, battery replacement, and emergency diagnosis.

SOS Accessory

On SOS accessory, you can find a large selection of hardware and computer accessories to get your computer back into excellent working order. Whether it concerns battery problems, cords, chargers, keyboards, screens, or feet, the spare parts you are looking for are offered at the best price. The products ordered are shipped within 24 hours to your home or to a relay point, depending on the quantity of your order. SOS accessory offers a money-back guarantee with free returns within 30 days.


FixPart is an online store specializing in spare parts, maintenance products, and laptop accessories. It has more than 56,000 products in stock for laptops, such as adapters, batteries, cables, hard drives, screen protectors, webcams, touchpads, speakers, laptop stands, button cells, and many others. The computer components and spare parts offered come from renowned brands such as Acer, Asus, MSI, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, etc. Fixpart offers fast delivery: the products ordered are delivered the next working day.

The Mobile Bazaar

Created in 2006, Le Bazar du Portable has worked with more than 100,000 satisfied customers. It offers laptop repairs and the sale of computer spare parts (new and used). Highly qualified technicians are at your disposal to replace your damaged components or boost the performance of your systems. The Laptop Workshop offers a wide choice of parts and accessories for laptops: power adapter, cabling, LCD panel, motherboard, modem, optical drive, shell and screen plastics, fan and cooling, etc.

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