Is the Xbox Series S worth It In 2023? Check Out The Analysis

The Xbox Series S hit the market just over two years ago as one of the devices that inaugurated the new generation of consoles.

Microsoft has launched two models: the Xbox Series X, with high performance that clashes with the PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series S, a device focused on better cost-effectiveness. And even though it’s much cheaper than the other devices, the Series S is just a little behind in performance. But is the Xbox Series S worth it in 2023?

Is The Xbox Series S Good?

The Xbox Series S hit the market along with the Xbox Series X, with proposals very well defined by Microsoft. While the Series X is focused on high graphics performance and performance, the Series S is a more straightforward new generation console that offers the best value for money for those who want to enjoy the latest games.

Even though it is a cheaper model, the Series S is just a little behind in gaming performance. It brings the same technologies as the Series X but needs to improve the quality of graphics and images. The two models are backwards compatible, capable of running titles from past generations (original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One) and allow access to Xbox Game Pass. This subscription service gives access to a virtual library with hundreds of titles available.

Size Does Not Hinder Performance

It is tiny compared to the Xbox Series X and Play 5 and it doesn’t come with a disc player. But the reduced size does not mean that the performance is much inferior to the more expensive model of the new generation. Not to mention that this can be a very positive point for those who have little space available at home.

Among the features, Series S comes with Quick Resume and Series X, which allows you to leave the game, and when you return, it continues exactly where you left off, in addition to having a high-speed load. This is possible thanks to Xbox Velocity, Microsoft’s advanced data storage architecture.

The RAM is 10 GB; the internal storage is an inner and customized PCI Express 4.0 NV Me SSD of 512 GB, with 364 GB of usable space. 

If, on the one hand, the dimensions can be a strong point, the little internal space can be a headache for some users. Current games are getting heavier and heavier, and depending on your player profile, the constant uninstallation of titles can bother those who like to play several games simultaneously. However, the investment price to increase your memory can be a bit high.


The design of the Series S is amiable and minimalist. The white color prevails and only has a black circle, which works as the air outlet for the cooling system. It also makes the console very quiet, even when running games require more power. The ports on the back are an HDMI 2.1 port, three USB ports and an Ethernet port.

Being smaller, it also facilitates transport for those who often travel or move frequently. However, the physical media reader can be seen as one of the disadvantages by some consumers. Even with digital games gaining more and more space, people still enjoy collecting physical media or taking advantage of backward compatibility for games they already have at home.

And How Are The Images?

This is the point that the Xbox Series S has the most losses to the Series X. As we said before, this model is focused on cost-effectiveness. It was not designed to run games in 4K but delivers maximum image quality in 2K (1440p).

The Series S can run images with Quad HD resolution, with a performance promise of up to 120 FPS, variable refresh rate, HDR support and low latency mode. With AMD Free Sync technology, you won’t have significant problems with stuttering and image reproduction; if you want the best possible gaming graphics experience, consider investing more in Series X or PS5.

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