Drones: Is It Worth Using Them For Videos And Photos?

Drones: For those who are used to traveling, being able to record moments, views and landscapes is an essential part of the experience.

And not to be “limited” to taking photos and videos only in angles and possibilities that a smart phone camera or camera offers, the drone has become an excellent alternative for different types of photos and videos on trips. But is it worth taking drones on trips? 

Points To Pay Attention To When Traveling With Drones 

First, one of the most critical points is that, as much as it seems, flying a drone is a challenging task. So, if it’s your first time taking the drone on a trip, study, practice and learn to handle it when you need it most; remember that there are different types of drones, and simpler models may be better for beginners. 

And if you are still going to buy the drone, pay attention to the model and its specifications. For your needs to be met, it’s essential to know about the potential quality of your images, how long it lasts in the air and how far they can go without you losing control. 

When defining a destination, be it another country, inform yourself about the local law on drones. Different countries have different laws regarding the use of a drone, which may vary on the limitation of flight height and the types of places it is allowed to fly. Remember that, in some countries, flying a drone is prohibited. 

Remember to homologate the drone, another essential process for trips. Anatel requires models that transmit radio frequency to be registered for use and dictates that drones weighing more than 250g must also be registered. 

However, drones that contain a rechargeable battery based on lithium-ion must be transported outside the device and in hand luggage, as long as it does not have more than 160 Wh. The reason is that the battery, if equipped on the drone, runs the risk of spontaneously combusting.

Types Of Trips To Take A Drone 

Despite the saying “to remember is to live,” a drone is not always the best option to “relive” a trip. In addition to all the issues already addressed about laws, transportation, etc., choosing a drone to take photos and videos on a trip can be a bit exaggerated and a headache for nothing.

Generally, the ideal use of drones is on trips with incredible landscapes in less populated places. This is not only to get better images without interference but also because most drone usage laws are linked to populated places. 

More natural landscapes, such as mountains and beaches, are the ideal places to take more comprehensive images, where the potential of the drone will be maximized. On the other hand, more urban trips are not usually such good options for using a drone; being better to capture photos and videos with a camera or using your cell phone.

Drone Models For Travel

As already mentioned, drones have different models with different functions, ranging from basic to complete. With that in mind, check out some models whose primary focus is capturing images and videos: 

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

In addition to having a good camera capable of recording videos in 4K, the differential of this model is the optical zoom, making it possible to capture long-distance images with high quality. It is a good drone for travel as it can fly up to 8 KM away, with a battery that lasts more than 30 minutes.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Being one of the most advanced models today, the Mavic 2 Pro records video in 4K, with HDR for both videos and photos. Its Hasselblad L1D-20c camera allows 20MP images with exact colors.

DJI Tello

If the price of drones is scaring you away from the idea, we have a cheaper option here. In addition to being cheaper and more essential, ideal for those still learning to fly a drone, it has an exemplary configuration for a simple model. It records videos at up to 720p and takes photos at 5MP.

Is Drone Travel Worth It: Verdict

It is worthwhile for use and in specific places. A trail in natural environments, and a view from the top of a mountain, where you will have open and panoramic images, are super worth it. Otherwise, despite being able to bring interesting results, it is more likely to generate more headaches than pleasant moments.

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