Piso WiFi Pause Time – Everything You Need To Know

One of the prominent and most well-known ISP( internet service providers ) in the Philippines is Piso Wifi Pisonet is the originator of this Wifi. If you are thinking about how long ago Piso WiFi existed, then it has only been about five years since this internet service provider entered the market. It was set up in 2017, and it has grown to become one of the Philippines’ most widely used internet services. It is for the time being at its peak because of its excellent performance and high demand.

To utilize Wi-Fi, one must foremost pay for a subscription and then happily access it. Numerous people who need a web connection can’t afford the necessary package for a multiplicity of reasons. So before tomorrow we have generated a guide for you on how to Piso Wifi Pause Time with no trouble in less than 4 minutes.

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Users who would prefer to pay with coins rather than true money for internet services can utilize Piso Wifi. Piso Wifi is for those users who wish to access gratis(free of charge) internet. Piso WiFi Signup And Enrollment Procedure

When you wish to make use of Piso WiFi then before anything else step that is essential by you is to create yourself registered on the portal of this Piso WiFi . please do Follow these sequences of steps to obtain yourself registered:

  • Step1: In this first step you are mandatory to visit the official site pisonet login prompt in order to construct yourself a registered member.
  • Step2: Here you must enter email address, your Name, and lastly cell number.
  • Step3: Attach the password for the account.
  • Step4: After finishing the registration process successfully then you can utilize every functionalities and its features of this Piso WiFi.

Sign In Procedure

  • Go to the site pisonet
  • Select the “login” button
  • Kindly provide the login credentials that you utilized to log in.
  • Once all the details have been entered, tap on the “login” icon and to the router’s admin panel you will be signed in.
  • From there, you make alterations there as per your possibility such as you can adjust the WAN(wide-area network) setting, wifi settings and many more other settings.

What is Piso wifi Pause Time Feature?

Users of Piso Wifi do not wish to utilize all of their time at once when they purchase Piso wifi Pause Time. Thus there is a requirement to pause time. At this moment in time, the option is available following accessing the admin settings. Portal of Piso Wifi Pause time

The Piso Wireless Platform, or IP, is regarded as the router’s primary access entrance. At any time statistics are presented to all of us, individuals get frequently perplexed. However, you should not need to be worried if you are experiencing technical issues.

You won’t get very far without knowing the benefits of the Piso Wifi network gateway. As a result, there are a few key items to remember when you’re leaving all of your inconveniences behind.

  • By using the code to visit a specific website, users would have the freedom to manage their wifi access.
  • You will have the freedom to decide how much internet you want to utilize, how many connections you wish to allow, and how much you need to spend.
  • You’re now wondering, though, how precisely you could pause time on it. This is how you can do it function for you.
  • You may speedily resume or pause your wifi access by easily visiting the Uniform Resource Locator.
  • However, stopping the Internet connection can be a useful option if you don’t wish your money to be wasted.

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Piso WiFi Compatible Devices

Listed lowerdown are the Piso Wifi is compatible with the devices:

  • Laptops
  • Desktop Computer
  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets Personal computers

Pros of Piso Wifi pause time

  • You can utilize the Piso wifi Pause Time feature to prevent excessive data usage. Here you have multiple ways for setting the pause time. You can set it for a restricted number of split seconds, you can even set it for a certain duration of time as it may be sixty minutes or 120 Minutes. You can modify the pause time by visiting the Piso Wifi internet site.
  • Owing to users not having to pay for the internet when it is disconnected, this pause time feature is very useful to them.
  • We can’t say that Piso pause time is without fault but it is certainly dominant to anything else. It is rapid and out of damage’s way and even offers the customer support services whenever demanded.
  • Utilizing this Piso Wifi, if you are having any web troubles in your area then you can break off your connection time. So that you can save your bandwidth and even shield you from the hackers as they won’t be capable of making a guess at your IP address.

Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time Application

To pause Piso Wi-Fi time, the google-play-store offers a number of programs. But it’s recommended to do it by hand. The physical technique is somewhat extra well organized because it retains other individuals from saving your data. It doesn’t occupy any space on your mobile phone either.

  • Thus, choose whether you wish to utilize the official webpage or Piso wifi Pause Time software.
  • By following these basic steps, you can do it through the official site.
  • Explore for in your search engine or visit directly to it by selecting on
  • After giving your login credentials, tap on the “Sign In” icon.
  • Pick out “pause time” from the menu.
  • That’s all. You can opt a duration to periodically pause the time for a specific period of time, After that, it will turn off by itself.

How To Modify Piso Wi-Fi Network Password?

  • Anybody can utilize the services of the internet after Signing in. Consequently, the user should connect to the Piso Wi-Fi Hotspot. The user can succeed in this by scanning the “QR code” detected at 10.10 0.1 Piso wi-Fi LPB.
  • You have two options by which you can either utilize Google or any other search engine to detect a QR code or you can scan the Piso Wi-Fi QR code that appears on the Internet utility box.
  • Since it offers quick access to the internet, scanning a “QR code” is a big move.


In this blog post we have make clear about Piso Wifi is one of the prominent and most well-known ISP( internet service providers ), Signup And Enrollment Procedure Piso WiFi, also What is Piso wifi Pause Time Feature? and some more.

Notable abstractions for Utilizing Piso Wi-Fi is The IP address is the only solo route to access the Piso WiFi network and By utilizing the IP address The Piso wifi pause time can be utilized for the moment to stop all data transfer on the network.

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