Ads Exchange Login And Registration Process 2024

People who want to earn money from home by completing simple daily tasks like watching ads and referring others can use the Ads Exchange Login app. It helps earn a small amount of money. In this article, you can see the complete information about the Ads Exchange Login and registration process.

Many people are using Ads Exchange to earn side income in less time without any effort. Ads Exchange is the best side hustle to earn some pocket money. A few people earn thousands of rupees by maintaining a group of referral teams through this Ads Exchange app.

Completing tasks and earning money by proceeding with simple steps is very easy. So, anyone can easily make it their additional income-earning app. The structure of the Ads Exchange Login app is easy to understand, and all the navigations are also helpful for earning as well as withdrawing. This application assigns your daily tasks to watch the ads displayed on the screen, and all the ads are in image format rather than videos.

What is the process of Ads Exchange Login Registration?

The registration process of the Ads Exchange Login is easy to process. Follow the below steps to complete the registration process for this earning app.

  • First, open the web browser, search the keyword ‘Ads Exchange login’, and open the site. After Opening the website, click on the register, which is present in the upper right corner of the home screen.
  • You must enter your complete name on the registration page according to your bank account.
  • Next, enter your active email address and your 10-digits mobile number.
  • Later create the password, including upper characters, lower characters, and numerals.
  • Click on Create an Account and press OK. After that, you can see the username, password, and TPIN and take a screenshot of the page for further use.
  • Later click on the sign-in option. You can see your name with your user id and account-related details. You can check your account id status as it is unpaid, and you need to make it active by paying a certain amount.

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Money-earning methods from Ads Exchange Login app

Anyone can earn money easily from Ads Exchange Login app, and different techniques are available to make money with a few simple steps. Here is the list of multiple earning methods.

Self-Task Income

In this Self-Task Income method, you can earn money by completing tasks like watching ads. It contains ten pages of advertisements in the form of images. Each page will be available for one minute, and within 10 mins, you can earn Rs 50/- every day. Instead of wasting your time watching Instagram reels and YouTube shots, you can get money by watching these ads.

One-Time level Income

This One-Time level income comes with the people joined under your referral code, and you have seven stages in this method. At each stage, you will get different amounts.

For example, if five members joined Ads Exchange Logins with your referral code, you will get 50/- for each person. In the second stage, people who joined already will invite their friends with their referrals, and with this process, the invited persons will get 50/- rupees, and you will take Rs 20/-, and the process will continue for seven stages. With this process, you can earn up to 39,0625/- Rupees.

Daily-Level Income

Daily-Level Income helps in earning money every day, and the process of earning is similar to one-time-level income. It works based on completing tasks, and the people who joined with the referrals must finish their daily assignments, like watching ads. Whenever the referrals start completing tasks, the referred account will get different amounts on different levels, from 10/- rupees to 390625/- rupees.

Rank and Reward Income

In the name itself, you can see the method of earning income, and with the Rank and Reward Income, the company will give you the rewards according to your Ranks. It means when you have a referral team with ten members, you will get 500/- rupees from the company, and if you have a team with 50 members, you will get 1500/- rupees. You can also win costly gifts like iPhone, MacBook, and even a sports Bike when you have a referral team with 5000, 20000, and 50000 members.

Terms & Conditions of Ads Exchange Login Income

The users must follow a few terms and conditions to earn income from the Ads Exchange App. Here is the list of Ads Exchange Login App Terms and Conditions.

  • It should contain a single email and mobile number per Ads Exchange app Identification number.
  • It has a 10% Admin Charge and a 5% Service Charge.
  • Daily payout should be with imps.
  • You can withdraw amounts in two directions are compulsory.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 500/- rupees.
  • Free Registration is available, but to avail yourself of the offer, you must activate the account by paying 1000/- rupees.

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Pros of Ads Exchange Login app

  • With this Ads Exchange app, you can earn even lakhs based on your referral community.
  • Ads Exchange Login app has an easy earning process with an understandable interface.
  • You can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account with minimal admin and service charges.
  • You can do your mobile recharges through this app by transferring the money from your bank account to your wallet, and then you can do the prepaid mobile recharge.
  • Besides mobile recharges, you can also pay many other bills like Dish TV bills, power bills, gas bills, and many more.

Cons of Ads Exchange Login app

  • The leading company of the Ads Exchange app has been shut down already, and the new apps are not trustworthy.
  • It takes work to convince people to use the Ads Exchange Login app.
  • There is no assurance of safety and security.
  • Usually, no one knows about the company of the Ads Exchange Login app, and mainly it works online, and there is no proper way of solving the issue when any fraud incident occurs.
  • There is no guarantee of a successful payout.
  • The admin and service charges were high, and when you withdraw your amount, the tax amount of 15% of your earning will debit automatically, and the balance amount gets credited to you.

Process of Withdrawal amount from Ads Exchange Login app

The procedure for your amount withdrawal is somewhat complicated, and needs to follow the below steps to raise the amount withdrawal request. The procedure steps are as follows,

  • First, Login to your Ads Exchange Login app account, then click on the dashboard option.
  • Swipe below to check the income amount, which indicates in green.
  • Note: You can withdraw your amount only when you have a minimum amount of 500/-, and if you want to credit a total of 500/- rupees, you need to withdraw your amount at 600 rupees because of the 15% tax deduction.
  • After checking, click on the Fund Move option. Clicking the Fund Move option will take you to the next page, which contains withdrawal requests.
  • You must specify the path to which you want to transfer the amount from which way to which line. For example, from Income wallet to withdraw wallet. Also, it will ask you to mention the amount of money you want to credit to your account and click on the fund move option.
  • Later the amount will move from the Income wallet to Withdraw wallet. You can see that in the dashboard.
  • After the fund transfer, click on the withdraw option on the dashboard, and there you must check the bank account number and IFSC code and enter the amount that is available in the withdraw wallet. Click on the Withdraw-Now option and check the mentioned note point: The payout will be processed between 8 PM to 11 PM daily.
  • After the process, within one or two business days, you will have the requested amount in your account. Meanwhile, you can check the withdrawal statement by clicking the withdrawal request option.

Is the Ads Exchange Login App available now?

The main app of Ads Exchange is not available at present. Even though the application is available on the play store, it is not working. Some frauds are launching similar apps with similar names, but the main application is temporarily not functioning.

Even the people who use the present Ads Exchange application are facing many issues, so considering all these things, it is understood that the Ads Exchange Login app is temporarily not working.


Everyone likes to earn money easily without any effort. Based on this point, many apps are born to attract people by providing some rewards. Any app works well at starting level, but when the application gets popular among people, it will either shut down with its illegality or start troubling people with many issues.

All these money-earning apps are not legal and safe to use. You can check out the complete information about the Ads Exchange Login app in this article, and we don’t mean to support or encourage these legal and unsafe applications.

This information is for awareness and knowledge of how these applications work. Also, don’t share your details and bank details with unknown and unsafe applications. Many other genuine and legal side hustles are available outside, try them and earn your required amount, but don’t fall for the effortless and unknown resources.

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