Is The Galaxy A14 Good? Amazing Design And Performance

Galaxy A14: Who is inside the “world of smartphones” and usually follows what the big brands bring new? You already know that Samsung usually releases several new phones over a year.

And among these devices that officially arrived in 2023, today we will answer the following question: is the Galaxy A14 any good? 

This model from the A-line officially arrived in the national lands in February of this year, and I was surprised by the well-balanced configuration added to a beautiful design. Let’s get to know more about the Galaxy A14.

Design And Connectivity

The Galaxy A14’s main characteristics are being more comprehensive than cell phones of the same level, having a thickness of 9.1 millimeters, and being a little heavier, too, weighing 202 grams. And even though it is an A-line device, famous for entry-level and intermediate cell phones (despite also having models with configurations above these standards), its look is very similar to the S23 series, Samsung’s top-of-the-line smartphones this year. 

Its back and side edges are made of plastic, with the back having a textured finish and the sides having a smooth finish. The Galaxy A14 can be purchased in black, green, and silver. In its right part, we find the volume and screen lock buttons (which also have a fingerprint sensor), and in the left part, the drawer with three slots can use two chips together with a microSD card. 

The upper part only has the presence of the microphone, while the lower part, in addition to the microphone, has a P2 headphone jack, USB-C port, and a speaker. Furthermore, the Galaxy A14 has 5G connectivity; Bluetooth 5.2; WIFI 5; GPS, and NFC, with the operating system android13 with two guaranteed updates.  

Screen And Audio

With 6.6 inches, Full HD + resolution, and 90 Hz refresh rate, the Galaxy A14 screen could be a full intermediary, but because it is a PLS LCD screen instead of OLED, with a not very strong brightness, it makes it closer to input devices. Its display also has a large thick frame, which takes up considerable space, especially at the bottom, which may bother some users despite not compromising the screen as a whole. 

As for audio, the A14 has Dolby Atmos technology, despite not having stereo audio. As with the display, it’s a mix of good features with disappointing points.


The Galaxy A14 was launched in other countries with MediaTek’s Dimensity 700 chipset. Despite being different processors, the result is the same, without significant differences in performance. The version released in Brazil has 4 GB of RAM and 128 internal storage.

The Galaxy A14 shows a good improvement in terms of performance over its predecessor, not only in common uses but also in games due to the Mali-G68 GPU. In this regard, the A14 highlights that it is an intermediate-level smartphone, not an entry-level one, as many may think.  

Finding a version with 6 GB of RAM is also possible, which is a good improvement, allowing even higher performance than the standard version. When trying to buy it through Samsung’s official website, only the 4 GB model is available.


Its set of cameras is very similar to that of the Galaxy A13. A 50 MP primary sensor, a 2 MP depth sensor, and a 2 MP macro sensor. However, despite being similar, the A14 presents slightly better results, mainly in videos, being able to record up to Full HD at 30 frames per second. Its front camera evolved well, increasing from 5 to 13 MP. 

By default, it already comes with HDR mode enabled for photos, working on both the rear and front camera, and night mode and portrait mode, which also works on both lenses. Unfortunately, the Galaxy A14 doesn’t have a wide-angle lens like its predecessor. 

As you might imagine, it’s not a smartphone focused on high-quality photos and videos and with various features; however, for an entry-level intermediary, they are cameras that don’t do poorly and meet the minimum expected of a cell phone in this price range. 


As it has already become a standard among entry-level and intermediate-level cell phones today, the Galaxy A14 has a 5,000 mAh battery, capable of lasting more than a whole day in case of simpler uses, such as social networks and messaging. In its box, it comes with a 15W charger. 

It does not have such a powerful load but leaves little to be desired. Overall, the A14 proves to be a well-balanced device with battery life.

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