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Do you know what Google Cloud Storage is and the advantages of adopting it in your company? Regardless of your answer, we prepared this content to talk about it.

The first observation, in this case, is that every time Google decides to bet on a new product or service, it is almost sure that the way certain activities are carried out on the internet will be impacted. This time is no different!

The second is that when we hear the term “cloud”, we usually associate it with cloud storage infrastructure, correct? However,  Google Cloud  Storage goes a step further because it offers solutions that can be highly beneficial for your organization.

Check out the information we separate now to understand the subject better!

What Is Cloud Storage?

Google Cloud Storage is a storage platform in an enterprise public cloud, capable of large housing sets of unstructured data.

Cloud storage is a cloud computing solution in which a resource provider provides an online space for data storage and software use.

The servers necessary for the functioning of these resources are the provider’s responsibility. The user only needs to hire a plan with the tools he intends to use, being able to manage them from wherever he is.

How Does Cloud Storage Work?

You can access it through a web browser or a command-line interface. Using this service requires virtually no administration. There is no need for upfront payment or capacity planning. 

You can use it as the primary storage tool for your files or as a safe backup for those already stored on physical devices. All this with the security that your most essential records will not be lost, damaged or accessed by unauthorized persons.

Users have complete control over the data, being able to archive what is not being used and increase or decrease the storage capacity without this affecting access to them at another time.

What Are Your Benefits?

Given its close relationship with Google Cloud Platform, there are several advantages to choosing Google Cloud Storage as an online storage environment. See the main ones.

Data Security

In practical terms, storage is scalable without a data cap. Using it is a highly safe choice, as all stored information is automatically encrypted during in-flight or when in a rest state, for example.

Once recorded, the data is replicated across multiple servers within multiple zones. This operating characteristic gives Google Cloud Storage a guarantee against a loss of 99.999999999%, known in specialized circles as “eleven-nine reliability”. 

Simply put, your data would be available almost around the clock on a high-speed and virtually unlimited platform.

Optimized Performance

Organizations dependent on technology for disseminating their ideas and strategies understand that, for this to occur, it is essential to have a solid, robust, fast and reliable structure that does not suffer from instabilities in any situation.

In this context, Google Cloud Storage is perfect. Just so you know, companies like Evernote, Coca-Cola, Snapchat, and Spotify entrust their digital services exclusively to him.

Any company that develops games and applications or offers live streaming services will have nothing to worry about, as the platform’s data transmission is very efficient.

Unlimited Virtual Infrastructure

The platform offers the best virtual infrastructure on the planet. Whether for systems, web solutions or applications, there are no limits!

The point to note is that when using the Google Cloud Platform, you will take advantage of virtually all of the innovations and technologies used by Google itself. In addition, your business will be part of a robust global network of technological intelligence.

Great Value For Money

Another point worth mentioning is the cost-benefit ratio. Facilities and investments related to physical structures are non-existent, resulting in significant savings in the short, medium and long term. 

In addition, Google Cloud Storage (and all other  Google  Cloud Platform services) adapt to your needs by requesting the desired changes.

It should be noted that by using the platform, you will have at your disposal a highly specialized technical team capable of solving any problem in record time.

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