Cloud Computing, Biometrics And Multifactor Authentication

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services (storage, servers, networks, databases, software, intelligence, analytics, and the Internet (“the cloud”)), ensuring flexible resources, faster innovations, and economies of scale.

Cloud Computing solutions are another IT concept that has become popular. This solution has significantly increased the range of services offered to users and companies, ensuring much more choice and mobility.

With cloud computing, there is no need to make significant upfront investments in hardware and avoid wasted time in managing and maintaining that hardware.


Check out some applications of this strategy:

Adobe Creative Cloud

The cloud service offered by Adobe includes access to tools, storage, and integration with other Adobe products.

This is an excellent option for agencies, as file sharing between teams and cloud storage space makes it easy to organize and manage projects.

Google Apps

The product package offered by Google includes spreadsheet creation, calendar tools, text editing tools, integration with your email, presentations, and other features.


Apex, a set of online applications, offers solutions for companies and professionals, such as contact managers, email marketing services, presentations, calendars, to-do lists, and file storage.


Evernote is an application that creates and stores notes. A good option for meetings and moments of initial recording ideas for a project. An application that includes tools for editing, sharing, finding, and organizing data.


OneDrive, a cloud storage app, is a Microsoft product. Soon, other company products have integrated with it, like Outlook.com accounts.

The company offers paid plans with more storage space and a free 5G plan. It is a perfect option for companies that use Outlook email manager, Office suite, and other Microsoft products.


Dropbox is another cloud storage option, and it features an intuitive and easy interface and lots of team file sharing features. The free plan provides 2G cloud space. The organization also offers paid plans with more storage options.

Office Online

Microsoft Office suite products with working Cloud Computing: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Sway, OneNote, Email, Docs.com, Calendar, etc.

This application makes it easy to create and share documents from anywhere with an internet connection. Only a desktop browser is required. Then choose an app to get started.

Future Expectations

Continued growth in the cloud is anticipated. While advances make a resource cheaper and more productive, its total use does not decrease; on the contrary, it only increases. So as cloud technology, private or public, succeeds in making computing cheaper and more accessible for consumers, new use cases are quickly emerging.

Looking to the future, 5G, network transformation, artificial intelligence, and immersive media will undoubtedly drive innovation across the market. It is hoped that “function-as-a-service” advances that change the programming paradigm, making it faster and easier for developers, can accelerate such trends and spur the next wave of innovation.

Biometrics And Multifactor Authentication

The first application for biometrics was fingerprints to identify suspects in a criminal investigation. With the help of advanced computing and modern image capture technologies, this once paper-based and labor-intensive process is now digital and automated.

Multifactor authentication requires users to verify their identities by combining something they own, something they are, and know. This is the safest and most straightforward way to protect data from end-user behavior or malware.

More robust verification systems are needed in the new digital world, where malicious hackers are constantly using social engineering techniques to trick people into giving away their information. Multifactor authentication is the surest way to go with new biometric technologies, including iris scanning, fingerprints, and facial recognition software.

They offer an entirely new and attractive authentication factor. They are much more straightforward, having the user login just by looking at the mobile device screen or pressing a single button. It offers even more security since it is more difficult to steal a person’s physical appearance or DNA than a password.

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