Cloud Storage, Everything You Need To Know

Cloud Storage: Until recently, when we still didn’t have the internet, data was confined to the business environment and accessed directly. The first step in technological evolution allowed them to be stored on Punch Cards, Magnetic Tapes, Floppy Disks, Hard Disks, and now Cloud Storage. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Storage

One of the main positives is that cloud storage does not require people to buy hardware to store their files. Several services have considerable storage space for free.

In addition, using the Cloud allows files to be accessed without the need for face-to-face meetings, which can sometimes be unfeasible. Development teams, for example, can work remotely and access files that are saved in the Cloud.

However, it is necessary to be constantly connected to the internet to access these files. This can become a hindrance as not all areas have good internet coverage or stable connections, and users may face problems accessing their files.

Cloud Storage Has A History And Technological Evolution

Storage in the Cloud or Cloud Backup came to change this pattern since with this technology; we do not have physical access to data, only digitally, using WEB resources.

This same evolution allowed us, with performance, to reach the current condition, taking large amounts of data to an environment where the internet connection is less fast than local physical connections.

Technology has allowed data to be accessed in small packets, even in large volumes, focused only on what we want—this facilitated efficiency and migration to more adjusted environments such as smartphones.

In Smartphones or Tablets, which today have a storage capacity close to computers, we have a similarity with the conditions of the beginning of the digital century. A small portion of the system accesses the Cloud and loads the application, always requiring a stable interconnection channel between the asset and the cloud database.

They do not have 100% of the resources of a computer, just a seed, which intelligently takes advantage of the quality of technology and provides services, intelligence, and support for various applications and knowledge.

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Where Is The Cloud?

The Cloud is a DATACENTER or a Computer Center with significant processing and storage capacity. Access is via logical address (IP), without the possibility of physical access.

Why Can The Cloud Bring Efficiency And Transparency To Processes?

Once in the Cloud, data availability is vast at any point of WEB connection. Both direct and shared access is facilitated even if people are physically distant. Efficiency lies in the approach of a CLICK, facilitating communication and production.

Why Is Hiring The Cloud Service More Advantageous Than Investing In Equipment?

There will always be the cost of maintenance and technological innovation when buying equipment. By hiring the cloud space as a service, the risks and costs of innovation cease to exist. The contingency becomes about demand and innovation, a natural parameter for the evolution of the contract.

Thinking that modernization comes along with specialization, a company that hires as a service can, in this condition, give up a technical body and no longer develop contingency and manage disaster recovery planning.

What Kind Of Application Can Be In The Cloud?

Any coded application, such as the Social Network, an asset of the Cloud, is 100% integrated. Many banking services are complemented in the Cloud, facilitating account access without going to the physical branch and facing queues.

What Is Cloud Security?

The same security of any environment is inherent to the user’s conditions. The keys, or access passwords, need to be in the Information Security planning.

It is essential to say that there is no concern with physical security, restricted access, and digitized ports in the Cloud since all access is done remotely.

What Are The Concerns With Cloud Data?

There’s no need to worry. This is one of the advantages of contracting the service since the responsibility for availability, integrity, and accessibility becomes the contracted party, in this case, the Data Center.

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