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Cloud Backup: Why Say Goodbye To Tape Backup?

How do you manage the backup of information in your company? To ensure greater security and cost reduction, managers have seen cloud backup as a more interesting alternative when compared to using tape backup.

There’s no denying how important backup is to a business. Both for simple storage and to facilitate sharing between different team members, one of the main factors that lead the company to adopt this practice is the possibility of restoring information.

That’s because, among other things, they can be lost or damaged — either through file corruption after a sudden power outage or through data capture by hackers. With that in mind, in this post, we bring you relevant information to understand why it might be worth saying goodbye to tape backup. So, read on and check it out!

What Are The Characteristics Of Each Model?

Tape Backup

In recent years, tape has been one of the top backup solutions for businesses. In this sense, the IT team can manage which data will be recorded along with it through software. One of the benefits of using tape is the high durability of the material. On the other hand, it is necessary to separate a physical location within the company to accommodate the data centers for its use.

Cloud Backup

Cloud storage allows the company to store its information on remote servers. By using the provider’s platforms, the manager can easily manage the necessary communication between their devices without providing a physical space in their own company for this.

What Are The Main Differences Between Tape Backup And Cloud Backup?

Infrastructure Costs

As mentioned, to store a large amount of information, companies need to occupy a physical space to accommodate data centers. In addition to generating a high energy cost, the manager must have a specific team to carry out maintenance on the equipment, which ends up becoming a great expense for the business.

On the other hand, cloud backup guarantees greater savings. As the service is contracted on-demand, the company now has both the support of the provider and its responsibility to take care of and behave the physical machines. That way, you can make better use of the free space for other purposes and reduce energy costs and hire specialized professionals.

Storage Expenses

One of the biggest limitations in using tape backup is its storage limit. As the company grows, it is natural for information to increase proportionately. The problem is that, over time, the cost of tapes can become unaffordable. Another point is that expanding the number of videos requires larger equipment and specific places to store the material.

With the possibility of choosing different plans, the company that opts for cloud backup can quickly and practically change the storage capacity. To do this, contact the provider and inform them about the change.

Protection From Physical Damage

As it is a highly flammable material, if exposed to high temperatures, tapes are at serious risk of losing stored data. In addition, we know how unstable the Brazilian climate is. We often see news related to natural disasters, such as floods, lightning, or even fires. As such, they can pose a serious risk to your information.

The remote server, provided by cloud backup companies, offers greater peace of mind regarding the physical security of the equipment. Service providers have an infrastructure prepared to guarantee the protection they need to deal with natural instabilities.

Information Security

It becomes extremely important to have consistent support to deal with cybercriminals. The problem is that tape backup does not provide good security in this regard, which leaves the storage of your company’s confidential information in a vulnerable situation.

On the other hand, cloud backup ensures that data is much more protected when working with encryption. In addition, by having a team capable of monitoring the information, the company can easily detect any unusual occurrences. In this context, it is possible to observe from histories to accesses involving precise data to verify suspicious activities within a certain period.

Speed ​​Of Data Availability

As tapes take time to reach the information’s point, it is common for the reading process to take longer. The situation can be even worse if it is necessary to recover more data. With cloud storage, the company has the necessary information practically instantly. Thus, teams can focus on more strategic tasks and work with greater agility.

Human Factor

In a company, human activities can be fatal in some processes. After all, it only takes bad handling to cause great damage. If the user is not attentive, he may risk recording information over another of great importance. Furthermore, if the employee does not know how to operate the machine correctly, there is a danger of corrupting the material and losing the data stored on the tape.

By relying on cloud backup, the entire storage process is automated, and there is no need for human interference in the operation. In addition, if several collaborators need the same document, the file can be easily replicated and quickly and conveniently distributed among the team.

Company Management

In the previous topic, we saw how complicated it is to manage the same file when the backup is done on tapes, correct? On the other hand, the cloud makes sharing easier and gives a group the freedom to work on the same document simultaneously. Thus, the team has greater autonomy and productivity in corporate processes. The need to have a backup has become fundamental for companies. As we saw in the article, it can help from file recovery to data management across teams.

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