iPad – 10 Tips For Longer Battery Life

From the start, the iPad was designed for maximum communication. This is great for users but bad for battery life. There are a total of 10 tips that will make your Apple tablet last much longer.

1. Turn Off The Screen

The biggest power guzzler is the iPad screen. Therefore, it would help if you switched it off as soon as possible when you no longer need the device. Since the iPad is ready for use again one way or another, you hardly lose any time if you set the period to “2 minutes” in Settings – General – Automatic lock.

2. Reduce Lighting

The screen backlight controls how bright the screen appears. So if you turn it up to maximum in a relatively dark environment, you might waste energy. In Settings – Brightness & Background, you should activate the Auto-Brightness option and, if necessary, throttle the performance with the slider.

3. Use Wi-Fi And Mobile Communications Sensibly

In addition to the screen, network interfaces burn an enormous amount of energy. Wherever possible, you should use the Wi-Fi connection instead of 3/4G. The background: WLAN connections are often more stable; with a mobile data connection, the connection quality can fluctuate, which means the device needs more energy to maintain the relationship.

4. Turn off Bluetooth

In addition to WLAN or mobile communications, each iPad comes with a Bluetooth module paired with headsets or keyboards, for example. However, as long as you are not using a Bluetooth device, you should switch off the Bluetooth function under Settings – General – Bluetooth.

5. Use Flight Mode Wisely

Airplane mode is an integral part of all Apple devices. The tablet switches off all connections to the outside world when it is activated, including WLAN or Bluetooth. This mode can be used not only to meet the requirements of the cabin crew during the take-off and landing of aircraft. The function can also be used to save electricity. After all, cleverly, you can switch off all power-hungry tasks with one click.

In addition to the enormous power guzzlers, the iPad hides various smaller programs and technologies. Each one may not be of much use on its own, but together you save more energy in any case.

6. Adjust Push Settings

Apple transfers emails, contacts, and appointments via a push function to the device. This means that new elements arrive quickly, but this also requires a constant connection between the server and the end device. If you want to save energy here, you can change the server queries in settings – mail, contacts, calendar – data synchronization, deactivate the push function and activate a schedule or manual data query.

7. Use Notifications Wisely

Apple is also bringing notifications to the iPad. Various apps can use this function to display information directly. The iPad collects all apps allowed to send messages in the Settings – Notifications menu. A click on the respective entry shows the settings here. You can also switch off the individual notification. This not only saves energy, but the iPad also beeps significantly less afterward.

8. Turn Off Ping

Ping is Apple’s attempt at introducing a music-based social network. The service is an integral part of iTunes and is also available on mobile devices. If you want to switch off the function, you have to go further. The option can be found in the settings under General – Restrictions. However, a four-digit number code must first be created to protect access to this function. You can then disable the slider on ping.

9. Restrict GPS And Location-Based Services

The GPS function and other positioning services require energy. In the settings under location services, you can precisely set which installed apps can use the function and deactivate the location directly.

10. Turn Off iPod Equalizer

The last tip seems a bit exotic: Like the iPhone, the iPad also contains an iPod function, which includes the equalizer function. According to Apple’s Knowledge Center, turning off this feature improves battery performance. The process is integrated into Settings – Music – Equalizer and can be switched off here on the iPad.

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