How To Manage Your Branding On Social Media

Social Media: What language to use, what type of content and what channel to use are fundamental factors for a good strategy. Everyone has a personal brand.

This means that each has a unique identity and image, created and communicated with their actions. Everything someone does or says makes an impression on others, creating associations with their brand. The name of the process by which this is done is known as personal branding.

Personal branding has become fast, easy and cheap with social media. This type of brand management is essential nowadays, considering that most people already use social networks to communicate in their different kinds of relationships (affective, professional, family, etc.).

Also, we are easily found with just a Google search for our first and last name in these times. Have you ever thought about ruining your career because of a post on a social network that you made without thinking much?

Creating A Personal Branding Placement

Thus, in social networks, the associations generated by our branding are in some specific elements. These are some of them: the publications we share, the people we interact with, the pages we like, the groups we participate in, etc. The portion of the brand that is conveyed through these or other elements is called positioning.

The importance of having a positioning strategy in our branding process, namely in achieving our personal and professional goals faster and more effectively. Suppose you are an executive professional of a company that claims to be innovative. It can be harmful to you to share content with views that are considered backward or outdated, for example.

In addition, it is essential to have these goals well defined and clear so that you know which way to go in your communication. Where do you want to be in the future? Who do you want to relate to? Are you content with your professional position today? These are some questions that can be taken into account. And so, create a personal brand positioning and achieve success and fulfillment in your personal and professional goals.

It is essential to choose your personality characteristics, values ​​, and other elements that can bring richness to your positioning. There are traits in particular that you should express (and even work towards developing more) on social media so that the people and companies you want to reach are attracted. However, it is essential to remember that these characteristics must always be authentic and genuine.

Choosing Social Networks To Position Yourself

To be successful in your positioning strategy, it is also essential to know how to select the media you will be present. You need to consider the audience(s) you want to reach and the kind of language specific to each social network. However, on Facebook, he positions himself more as an illustrator and comic artist, and on Instagram, he exposes more of his tattoo work.

Conclusions About The Networks Chosen In Their Positioning

Thus, it is necessary to consider how your audience behaves on each social network and what type of content they seek to find on them. Regardless of your profession or lifestyle, it is essential to define which social networks to be on. In addition, you must select which portion(s) of your identity you will communicate in each of them.

For example, on a social network like LinkedIn, the public expects to find content related to professional life. On other networks like Facebook and Instagram, the focus is usually on personal life. However, these are simple and very generic tips, as there is no one general rule that is mandatory for all people. What matters first is to understand your specific goals and who you want to reach to get them.

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