How To Take Care Of Your Company’s Social Media Management

Social media management involves several steps and is much more than simply publishing. Please get to know some of the processes we use at RD that you can still apply today in your strategy.

Being present on social networks is no longer a differential for any company. Currently, those who stand out in social media are companies that see the value of this tool and use it as a communication channel with their customers and as a promotion channel, both for the brand and the products/services and content.

As a result, more and more companies are creating their profiles on social networks to get closer to their customers and not lose to the competition. However, many start without any defined strategy and without knowing very well how to manage social networks.

We have already faced this challenge at RD. Even today, we repeatedly question ourselves if our social media strategy is the most effective, if our communication with our client is the most adequate or if we should try another approach.

We know that it is not easy for a company that is starting to use social media to define what type of content will be published, whether it will take a lighter or more severe approach, how often it should post on social media, and what metrics to analyze, etc.

Therefore, I will show throughout this text some processes that I learned during my period as a social media analyst here at RD, including practical tips that can be useful for you to apply daily in managing social networks.

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management is much more than simply posting. Social media management involves several steps, ranging from defining the strategy and positioning, planning publications and execution, and monitoring and surveying the results.

For all of this to be done well, having a person or team responsible exclusively for your company’s social channels is necessary. The process will be seen as essential for the company and not just an obligation that does not bring tangible benefits.

Which Social Networks Should I Be Present On?

If you have already bought into the idea of ​​effectively investing and working on managing your social networks, you must be wondering what exactly you should start doing.

The first step is to define which social networks it makes sense for your business to be present on. Some social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, require that most companies, regardless of the type of business, be present due to their range of audiences. Others, such as Pinterest, may bring much more results to clothing e-commerce than a corporate services company.

In the end, what counts is finding out where your audience is. And often, the only way to find out is to test it. You won’t lose out if you create a profile on a social network and discover that your persona isn’t there. In addition to learning, the chances of you finding your client there and being able to bring some good results to your company are much higher.

We are always looking for new channels to test and expand our strategy here at RD. But, in the end, we found that the social networks we’ve invested in for a long time are the ones that bring us the most results and are worth our investment – ​​like Facebook, in this case.

How To Build My Social Media Strategy?

Here’s the catch: without a well-defined strategy, your company will have a profile on social networks but won’t know what to do with it. This is where many companies make a mistake; they do not see the real benefit of investing in social media management and get discouraged.

It is essential to define the purpose of being present on social media. Here at RD, for example, social media is among the most critical channels for generating leads, which guides our strategy. Still, we also see them as a great differentiator for the RD brand.

Our followers and customers feel free to share our content, comment, and give feedback on our products and services, or have an open communication channel with us.

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