How To Use LinkedIn To Hire For Your Company

Did you know that you can use LinkedIn to hire? The corporate social network has increasingly become one of the primary references in the business world.

This is precisely because it finds candidates, publicizes vacancies, and opens space for debates and experiences among thousands of workers.

Recruitment has been one of the tool’s primary functions, which has changed routines and processes in companies worldwide. Learn more throughout this article about the advantages of recruiting and promoting your company’s profile on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn And Its Target Audience

LinkedIn is a social network launched in 2003 by an American company. The main difference between this network and other well-known ones, such as Facebook or Instagram, is its focus strictly on corporate matters.

Through the platform, companies, employees, job seekers, and students can chat, exchange experiences, get to know each other, and advertise and compete for job vacancies, with processes often created within LinkedIn. The network became popular, primarily among professionals, who felt comfortable sharing thoughts about the profession, challenges, and achievements, exchanging experiences with other workers.

Within the platform, it is possible, through the profiles, to create a survey with work experiences, academic backgrounds, and free courses, and even take the opportunity to indicate a colleague with whom you have worked. Another possibility is to strengthen the skills of colleagues and friends through buttons that add to the relevance of that person’s task.

For example, a person who worked in a popular veterinary clinic may endorse a routine activity, proving through votes from his colleagues and followers that he is fit to perform the function. At the same time, he was employed in that place.

Companies: How To Hire Hair LinkedIn

As explained, it is no longer news that companies worldwide define it as more practical and less costly to recruit through LinkedIn. In addition, the results are almost always as accurate as possible.

With all the tools and advantages that the platform offers, it is no longer viable to do the traditional job postings in newspapers or pay for the service of large recruiting companies, which often can’t get the client’s request right.

In addition, in times of a pandemic, where many people cannot go to the fair job stand or be crowded in queues for interviews at human resources companies, LinkedIn still comes as an excellent solution for new times. Get to know some of the advantages and ways of hiring companies via LinkedIn and understand at once the importance of this choice for your company’s process:

1 – Disclosure Of Vacancies

In addition to the job posting platform, which is one of the best options related to recruitment through LinkedIn, a company looking for a candidate can also use all communication spaces to publicize a selection process.

The candidate will have to provide information according to the preference of the company, with the main gaps to be filled:

  • Attached is the curriculum vitae;
  • Full name;
  • Contact phone;
  • City where you live;
  • Link to portfolios or references.

In addition to posting articles on the institution’s page, the company’s recruiter can also share the message of a vacancy with people in their network, share it with others, and so on.

The recruiter responsible for new employees in a universal auto parts store can, for example, share a vacancy within the store’s page, share it within their profile, and collect information from interested parties in these and other places.

2 – Discovery Of Talents

One of the most exciting possibilities within LinkedIn is the advantage of verifying people who work in specific companies or who are known to people in our network and to know better their experiences and academic situations.

The LinkedIn profile works as a kind of online resume, with implementations compared to the conventional ones, such as the links that lead to the companies where they worked or the testimonials and recommendations.

In addition, the advantage stands out, still, for how one has to understand the experiences in the academy through the link of works, grades, participation, associations, and other activities as if it were a kind of academic banner.

3 – Indications Of Collaborators

Suppose you are on your company’s social network on LinkedIn. In that case, you will see that the platform allows interaction between employees, providing resources that will enable a professional to say that he works at that company.

From there, it is possible to visit the profile of contracted professionals and look for colleagues or friends who have had some experience with the company. In a way, it claims on the platform itself that these are qualified people.

A custom calendar factory with photos, for example, can look for new designers to compose its list of collaborators from the institution where the professional who already works in the company graduated. This is a form of indirect referral, which often provides good results.

Other Benefits Of Social Networking

Recruiting through LinkedIn has beneficial results for companies, but beyond that, having a company profile on LinkedIn can bring more growth opportunities for the business related to interaction, value, and customer opportunities. Find below other results achieved with corporate participation in the LinkedIn platform:

Relationship With Collaborators

Employees of a company who are on LinkedIn, in general, will be the people who will consume their content the most. This is because employees like to know the news where they work and have greater adherence to this communication.

Take the opportunity to make LinkedIn a place of interaction with those who support your initiatives, but don’t just wait for them to be the most active characters in this form of relationship. When you can, also create interactions.

For example, you can share a photo with the new personalized badge lanyard on the company page and tag the collaborators’ profiles in the post. Indeed, this interaction will be well-received, and other people will get to know your employees.

Company Transparency

Take advantage of the fact that the social network will bring together people interested in business to disclose some information relevant to your company as a form of advertising for sales and customer transparency.

Whenever you can, share information about achievements, memorable moments, changes in the company, and even new challenges that will start. Many people may want to know what is going on within the company, including those who may become future employees.

Value Creation

Currently, a business not on LinkedIn is virtually forgotten by individuals looking to enter the workforce. If you don’t show it exists and disclose necessary information about it, it’s possible that people won’t recognize it.

In addition, being on LinkedIn is also interesting for your employees. Many may want to move on to new challenges in the future, and without even the slightest bit of information about where they worked on their open CVs on the page, they may not pass lawsuits.

Doing a brief search on the network, it is possible to notice that the large companies of your city and country are on the platform, as well as its employees, who, by adding the name and profile of the company, make an organic advertisement of it. Creating a profile on the network is simple; just the usual information from your company is enough. Don’t let one or several opportunities go by for lack of disclosure!


LinkedIn has increasingly shown itself as a necessary tool for meeting new and sound professionals, more practical recruitment, and advantages such as value creation, good relationships with employees, and much more. If your company is not on the network yet, run to reverse this situation. In a short time, you will see how it is worth keeping an eye on one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world!

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