Facebook Tools To Use In Digital Marketing

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform globally, with an audience of 1.6 billion daily active users. And, with 44% of users admitting that Facebook influences them in their buying journey, the platform is naturally a key platform in the Marketing and Sales strategies of companies.

As the company has grown, Facebook’s tools for content creators and businesses have grown. In this post, we will list some useful Facebook tools for business, some of them little known to those starting with Digital Marketing.

Facebook For Creators

Launched in 2017, Facebook for Creators is a tool aimed at video content creators. Its goal is to be a portal to offer new resources for creating and streaming videos. It also allows you to obtain detailed information better to understand the audience and performance of the content and manage the videos that can be published on various Facebook pages.

The site allows video producers to improve their content and offers tips to succeed with the audiovisual format on Facebook. Content creators can connect with potential fans and contributors, get to know their communities, chat directly with fans live, and monetize with some of the tool’s functionality.

Facebook Creator Studio

Available for desktop and mobile, Facebook Creator Studio is a tool available on Facebook for Creators to manage, publish, monitor, and monetize videos.

With the tool, you can manage multiple Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts, making your life easier. For example, you no longer need to log in and out of Pages to respond to comments, and you can publish new content across multiple accounts.

You can control the pages you want to manage from the home page. According to the chosen pages, you will be able to obtain information and performance of the last seven days and see metrics of visualization and engagement of the previous publications.

Anyone who manages a Page can use Creator Studio, according to Facebook itself. However, some features and monetization opportunities are only available to eligible Pages. In these cases, the assets may not be visible in Creator Studio.

Some of the features available in Creator Studio:

Create Publications

From this option, you will be able to create publications for specific pages, add Stories, and upload one or several videos, in addition to live streaming and publishing a video on several pages.

Content Library

The content library allows you to keep track of posts from all Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. In addition to sorting by type of content, it is possible to see the status of publications as scheduled, drafted, or expired in the functionality.


The Insights or Insights option contains performance, loyalty, audience, and retention data on published videos and Stories performance.

The functionality of this Facebook tool shows different graphs and data from the last seven days, leaving the possibility to filter by other periods.


Have you ever thought about being able to respond in one place to all the comments and messages from Instagram and Facebook? This is possible in the Inbox option! Manage the different inboxes, from follower comments on Facebook and Instagram posts to Messenger messages and Instagram DMs for each associated account.

Creation Tools

The authoring tools are geared towards video formats and live streams:

  • Live Dashboard: This allows you to configure and test live streams, as well as being able to manage comments and view current stream statistics.
  •  Sound Collection: In the resource, you will find original audio tracks and sound effects to be used on Facebook and Instagram.

One of the significant advantages of Creator Studio is that it allows you to connect different Instagram accounts and publish and schedule posts in both feed and IGTV format, making it possible to manage the main social networks in one place.

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