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Cloud Spanner: See What Are The Features And Advantages

Cloud Spanner: After all, access to information allows you to perform analyses, diagnoses, and forecasts, from which you can shape the entire strategy of the organization.

In addition, much of this data is essential for carrying out the organization’s day-to-day activities and needs to be accessed and treated with high frequency.

That’s where the database comes in as a great ally of the organization. After all, it is through it that you will organize and process the company’s data. Among the options on the market, the cloud spanner appears as a great solution in this regard. As part of the Google Cloud Platform package, this database brings several features and benefits to your organization.

Want to know more about cloud spanner? So, read on and understand!

What Is A Cloud Spanner?

Cloud Spanner is a relational database offered by Google. It is part of the Google Cloud Platform, a service in which a series of database options of the most diverse types are provided for companies to meet their demands regarding the storage and treatment of information. It is a bank of unlimited scale, with essential features for managing your company’s data.

The great advantage of cloud spanner is that it can combine functionalities of a SQL database, combining the scalability and Google’s global network. This combination allows database managers to no longer choose between one of the two types to carry out their activities.

Therefore, it is a database that combines scale and consistency, preventing managers from choosing between these two essential features. This way, it is possible to centralize all information on a single platform to efficiently perform the most diverse analyses and data processing in one place.

What Are The Features Of Cloud Spanner?

The cloud spanner has some features that should be highlighted. Are they:

  • relational database;
  • automatic data fragmentation;
  • unlimited scale;
  • strong constancy;
  • global data replication;
  • schemas/schemes;
  • SQL queries;
  • ACID transactions;
  • data backup and restore;
  • data encryption.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Cloud Spanner?

There are several benefits associated with using a cloud spanner in your company. See, now, which are the main ones!


The cloud spanner is an unlimited-scale database; that is, it is possible to scale without limits. In this way, it is possible to sort quickly and according to the needs of the service and your company.

This guarantees the development of your company’s products and activities without technical impediments. For this, it is unnecessary to contact Google to approve the escalation. You can do this without further bureaucracy in just a few clicks.

Price According To Usage

Cloud spanner pricing is determined based on your usage of the service. It is based on three variables: nodes, storage, and network.

The service records the maximum number of nodes used, taking advantage of this data to document the processing. To this is added a value referring to the storage used in the month and the network used.

That way, you only pay for what you use, avoiding needing to hire a service and, over the month, realize that demand was lower or higher than expected. Therefore, it optimizes the use of resources in your company and reduces costs.


Cloud spanner is a cloud database service. This means that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. With this, you gain mobility since employees can carry out activities whenever necessary, without traveling to the office to use the database services on the company’s computer.


Another great advantage of cloud spanner is the security offered by this service regarding access to stored data. This is because the tool has protection against crashes and data loss.

This reduces the possibility of errors and eliminates the need to create the entire infrastructure to avoid this problem. In addition, cloud spanner enables identity management, preventing unauthorized people from gaining access to your data and information.

The encryption system is also quite efficient, ensuring that your data is not leaked to malicious parties even if a problem occurs.

Allows For A Streamlined Experience

The IT team of a company usually feels very overloaded, having to deal with complex tasks and tools to carry out their activities. Cloud spanner offers a solution to this problem, as it is a more straightforward tool.

Its features are easily accessible, and the IT team can solve a series of problems in a simplified way. With this, it is possible to reduce the levels of team overload, allowing employees to become more productive and invest time in strategic activities for the organization.

The organization and management of a company’s databases are highly strategic. Before the cloud spanner, employees needed to choose between scale or consistency, looking for a database that offered the best conditions in one of these aspects.

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