Social Media Support: Improve Customer Experience

Social media support: With the arrival of several cheaper electronic devices and connections always available, social networks have become a constant companion for many people.

Thus, investing and providing good service on social media is essential for your company to build a positive image, retain more customers, and leverage sales.

A customer service strategy must be done with planning. With that in mind, we will share throughout this content tips on how to succeed on social networks that will certainly improve the customer experience during service on these platforms. Check and learn!

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is every contact your potential consumer or customer has with your service or product; that is, it refers to any communication between your brand and the public.

For example, when a customer sends an Instagram direct message asking about the possible sizes of a dress from a clothing store and is not responded to, it results in a bad experience.

On the other hand, when a customer contacts the support of a software company he has hired, as he cannot register a new user on the platform and is promptly attended to and his problem is satisfactorily resolved, this results in a good experience.

Awareness of all points of consumer interaction with your brand, product, or service is essential. It’s no wonder that, according to research, improving the customer experience can make your company earn twice as much revenue in 36 months. 

Also, according to the study, companies focusing on improving the customer experience can expect an 80% increase in revenue. 

Therefore, the so-called Customer Success arises because of the importance of establishing a better service with the consumer. 

Customer Success means “customer success” and consists of a series of strategies the company applies to ensure that the customer meets the expected expectations by acquiring the products or services offered by the brand.

What Is The Importance Of Establishing Strategies For Managing Social Networks?

Now that you have a clear view of customer experience, you must understand social media management since it is from these platforms that the consumer often has initial contact with your brand.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the social networks that can favor this dialogue and interaction with your audience. On these platforms, potential consumers and customers can complain and praise, ask questions and send suggestions about a particular product or service.

For this reason, the attention on social networks should be redoubled, as they are not just a means of publicizing releases and promotions but rather a means of promoting a positive and consistent image of your company in terms of meeting expectations. And public needs.

Therefore, it is necessary to structure a trained team to respond as quickly as possible to the requests sent since this action helps customer loyalty and retention.  

Another point to be highlighted is that how your employees do the service on social networks influences your brand’s reputation. 

In this case, if a detractor customer (consumer who had a bad experience with a company) complains about a product or service offered and is not answered, the other customers of the platform will understand that your service is terrible and that your brand does not care about providing assistance and resolving the existing problem.

Understand that, as with any other online channel, the public expects agility and efficiency in the return of communication. For this reason, it is essential to establish a transparent dialogue strategy when managing social networks for companies. Customer Service software that offers a complete service experience for your customer and makes your team’s work more productive and efficient. 

Integrates with social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and conversations on these networks can be automatically converted into tickets, allowing agents to respond to and resolve issues as effectively as any other channel.

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