How Do I Promote My Business On Social Media?

Business On Social Media: When walking on the streets, we always see many people with their eyes turned to their smartphones or tablets, enjoying the latest posts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+, among others.

It is increasingly difficult to find someone unaware of the daily news on social networks. With that, today, we see a significant change in people and an excellent opportunity for businesses to attract more customers. You need to understand how to use social media the right way to make your business more successful, and with that in mind, we prepared this article on “How to promote my business on social media,” so good reading.

Any company can take advantage of this trend (regardless of the area in which it operates) to gain good visibility. Knowing the most objective way for your business to be found, with quality content, quickly on social networks is necessary.

To help you, we’ve created a list of tips for your company to perform well on social media. Check it out.

How To Promote My Business On Social Media – Facebook

As important as having a website with a solid Facebook presence, it is the most popular social network in the world. Creating a page for your company on this social network allows you to count on several attractions such as scheduling posts, contact data, and chatting in Messenger, among others. You can use ads in various ways, from growing your audience to promoting your posts.

You can use Facebook Paid Ads for various purposes like growing your audience or promoting your giveaway posts, promotions, etc. For a flawless display, please check the specifications of the type of ad (as pictured below) being created, along with the placement options offered.

You can find complete details about ad specifications within Facebook Ads, access and learn about the types of ads available, and find out what the ideal objective for your campaign is, whether to boost your posts, increase the number of likes, attract visitors to your website, among other purposes.


LinkedIn is famous for connecting professionals around the world. Many people associate it with finding better positions and advancing your career, but LinkedIn can also be a valuable space for expanding your network of contacts for your business.

Regardless of your business segment, you can use LinkedIn to promote your services to a different audience than is available on other social networks. The key is to have an intelligent strategy for approaching this audience.

To be successful on LinkedIn, you need to interact with people. The good news is that LinkedIn helps your business engage with the right people by showing circles of connectivity, related profiles through your connections, and more. You will discover an advantage that is worth gold!


Would you like to have your brand and products seen by more people? Increase the relationship with your customers. If the answer is yes, then Instagram is one of the most recommended social networks.

Consumers will absorb your message without needing astronomical marketing strategies if you post images on Instagram constantly. This is essential to attract more customers without “selling to them.” It’s an excellent strategy to nurture and interact with your customers.

Instagram is an excellent showcase for your audience, so be sure to use hashtags and expand the view of your photos within this robust social network. If the aim is to make the brand known, search and post images related to the most popular hashtags.

Google +

Google+ is not just a competitor to Facebook and Twitter, nor was it designed to be left behind. G+ is a social network linked to Google’s news; it is an excellent evolution in relationships and communication.

The most exciting thing is that everything posted on Google Plus will be indexed directly on Google, positively influencing search results, as we know that it is essential for companies and professionals that websites are in Google results, and even more, that they stay in the top positions, significantly increasing the number of hits on their page.

Joining the world of  Google+ means having an incredible arsenal of resources in just one place: Hangouts, YouTube, Google, Gmail, Google Maps, and other tools. Each tool was analyzed and developed especially for your marketing strategy to be optimized, in addition to leveraging and giving visibility to your brand.

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