The Domination Of Social Networks On Human Communication

Social Networks: Since early times, human beings managed to survive and maintain their species practically after uniting in groups or communities: in the first period of human history, there were no independent peoples or states; humanity lived in small groups, clans or tribes.

In this article, we will talk about communication in the primitive era and how social networks influence people’s lives today. With their more limited and rudimentary brain structure, Troglodytes communicated through more simplified and less refined ways such as gestures, postures, screams and grunts.

It is believed that at a particular moment in the past, this primitive man gradually developed the learning structure that made him able to relate to objects, create tools that helped him in hunting and protection and most importantly, he acquire the ability to cross this knowledge among the next generations through gestures and repetition of the process, thus creating a primitive and simple form of language.

The Influence Of Social Networks And The Need To Relate

One thing we can say that is homonymous for all eras, whether primitive or contemporary, is the need to relate and ensure contact with groups.

The difference to the present day is the speed and how this has happened, from being time-consuming and limited to being faster and easier. All this is thanks to the emergence of the internet and relationship media, making distance no longer an impediment.

If you are part of Generation X, you will surely remember the impact we experienced with dial-up internet; I will never forget that connection noise. 

The social media have made an enormous contribution to the development of human beings due to the significant reach they have. With the arrival of the internet, communication ceased to be an important social element and became something essential.

The Need For Social Networks

For most users of this global network conglomerate, access to them has become a constant need. From the statistics with the number of accesses per day, we can see that social networks are no longer just a way to maintain contacts; they have become a source of information, the attraction of new customers, advertising, opportunity and leisure.

In social networks, each individual has their role and cultural identity. Their relationship with other individuals forms a cohesive whole representing the network and the creation of interest groups such as sport, culture, entertainment, education, etc. 

Currently, we have the formation of a new society, which we call Global Village. She exerts a direct influence on social behavior, and social behavior also influences her.

And if anyone thinks they are not influenced by what is in these media, they are wrong. The changes coming from this environment directly affect people’s daily lives, the way they act and also the way they think.

It’s No Use Running Away From Technology

One of the most effective ways to not suffer maneuvers and manipulations is to seek to be always informed and to know the facts with your eyes and knowledge. And there is no point in refusing, isolating or saying that it is not part because the technology and the form of communication that exists today are linked and linked to all others, from essential services, education, the way we buy and several other points.

As we have seen, this form of communication tries to fill the gap of the individual who is a social being and feels the need to live in the community. And communication has always been an essential factor for their survival and development.

Our world has been in the process of structural transformation for approximately two decades. It is a multidimensional process, but it is associated with the emergence of a new technological paradigm based on communication and information technologies, which began to take shape in the 1960s and spread unevenly throughout the world.

We know that technology does not determine society: it is a society that determines the behavioral parameters. Society shapes technology according to the needs, values ​​and interests of the people who use it. Furthermore, communication and information technologies are susceptible to the effects of the social uses of technology itself.

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