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Smihub is a website utilized to view or download Instagram stories and posts that include photos and videos. This website allows you to view unidentified Instagram stories and also download Instagram stories and posts.

You can view or download it without letting anyone know. You can download or view Instagram stories and posts from anywhere. People always like to watch others’ Instagram stories and posts with immense curiosity. They mainly try to follow their favorite person’s posts and stories. For example, fans like to download their favorite hero’s Instagram photos and stories without taking screenshots. In this situation, Smihub is useful for viewing or downloading posts from their accounts instead of taking screenshots or screen recordings.

More info about SMIHUB website 2023

The Smihub website is hugely popular because of its attractive features, and 26.4k visitors & users are accessing this website. The Smihub website allows you to watch or download Instagram stories, posts, profile pictures, and tagged posts unnoticedly.

If you are an Instagram lover and want to watch or download your favorite pictures or songs, profile pictures, and many more, you can download them from the Smihub website in just two clicks.

You don’t need an Instagram account to watch or download stories or posts, and you can directly access them with the Smihub website.

The present generation depends entirely on social media and online platforms, and it is most important to be aware of these things so everyone can be on alert.

In general, anyone can watch stories, posts, and tagged posts but can’t download them, and no one can’t view the profile picture of the Instagram account holders. But with Smihub, anyone can download their profiles, stories, posts, and tagged posts and always use them for good purposes but not illegal purposes.

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Uses Of SMIHUB Website

The interface of the Smihub website is easy to access, and here are the navigations to follow,


In this viewer part, you can enter the username in the search bar to view Instagram stories and posts in the form of pictures or videos.


To download the stories or posts, you must enter the URL of the Instagram account and the account from which you want to access the stories or posts.

Guides to save the stories or posts:

On the Smihub website, you can see the guiding images of steps to follow downloading or viewing Instagram stories and posts with frequently asked questions.


It supports many languages, including Chinese, English, Francesca, Deutsch, Espanola, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Korean, Netherlands, Polsky, and many more.

Process of Downloading Instagram Stories, Posts, Tagged Posts, and Profile Pictures

The process of viewing and downloading Instagram activities from Smihub is utterly effortless. The interface of this website is very user-friendly, and the navigation is simple to understand. So, here is the process of downloading or viewing Instagram stories, posts, tagged posts, and profile pictures of your favorite accounts.

  • Open the web browser and search for the website called Smihub.
  • Open the Smihub website; you can see viewer and downloader options at the top of the web page.
  • Select the required option. You can see a search bar below these options.
  • You’ll need the username of an Instagram account to view the stories, posts, tagged posts, and profile pictures. You will need the link to the required Instagram account to download these stories, profile pictures, and others.
  • After entering the username or account link, click on start. After a few seconds, you can view the complete Instagram account stories, posts, tagged posts, and many others.
  • By clicking on the posts, you can view them and you can also download them.
  • You can download videos, posts, stories, tagged pictures or videos, and even profile pictures.

Alternatives of the SMIHUB website

In today’s virtual world, everything has alternatives, including the Smihub website. Here is the list of some choices to use instead of the Smihub website.

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Anon IG Viewerimgund

Important points of the SMIHUB website

  • Anyone can watch or download Instagram stories, posts, and many more without using an Instagram account.
  • Anyone can download or watch Instagram stories, posts, and more anonymously.
  • You can get more likes & followers by sharing famous photos and videos, taking from popular accounts, and sharing them on individual Instagram accounts.
  • It is an entirely free-of-cost process.
  • With the downloaded pictures or videos from the Smihub website, you can make your own Instagram story or post creatively.
  • It has a user-friendly interface with understandable navigation.
  • The Smihub website supports many languages.

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Drawback points of the SMIHUB website

  • There may be a chance of misusing the downloaded photos or posts of others without their consent.
  • There is no assurance of safety and security to accessing the site.
  • Smihub is only available as a website; no application is created for Smihub.
  • It reveals others’ privacy by allowing anonymous people to download pictures and videos without intimation.
  • Taking one’s pics and videos from their account without permission is stealing the data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SMIHUB website Free or Costly?

The Smihub website is entirely free of cost, and there is no need to pay a single rupee for viewing or downloading Instagram stories, posts, profile pictures, and videos.

Is SMIHUB website Safe to Access?

There is no assurance of safety in accessing these kinds of sites. It allows you to download and watch others’ Instagram activities without their intimation. While downloading, they might inject viruses that harm your devices, and in the present virtual world, nothing is 100% trustable.

In another way, you don’t know who tends to watch or download your Instagram posts and stories. Considering all these parameters, it is not entirely safe to access the Smihub website.

Is it possible to Download Stories or Posts from a private Instagram Account?

No. Viewing or downloading from private Instagram accounts is impossible, and only public account posts and videos can be watched and downloaded by the Smihub website. It will be one of the favorable points of the Smihub website, but everyone has the question of why we need to use the Smihub website for viewing or downloading photos or posts from a public Instagram account. You can take screenshots or screen recordings, but they are not of good quality. With the help of this website, you can download quality pictures and videos.

Why do people use the SMIHUB website?

Many categories of people are using the Smihub website for various reasons, and a few people are accessing this Smihub site for fun and entertainment. Some want to follow their favorite people’s Instagram accounts without their notice, and a few use them for their creative inspiration. Some people use it to keep the downloaded posts as their own Instagram account stories and posts or even as WhatsApp statuses, and a few people use them for personal use.

Final Words

In this article, we tried to give genuine information about Smihub. We never support or suggest using Smihub as it is not legal. It is not commendable to download or view others’ activities without their permission or intimation. Be conscious and aware of all these websites for your information. To secure your Instagram account from all these types of websites, convert your Instagram account to a private account so that you can reduce the risk of these types of activities.

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