8 Tips For Instagram: How To Use The Tool To The Fullest

Need tips for Instagram? Everyone visits the social network at least once a month. For a company with e-commerce, it is possible to attract users from all corners of the country who visit their profiles frequently. 

Amid such a large audience, there is also an immensity of companies that want to attract and retain customers. So how do you stand out among so many competitors? Check out 8 essential Instagram tips for your business! 

8 Instagram Tips To Use Now On Your Business Profile 

See what will make all the difference in your digital marketing strategy : 

Content Is Paramount

We must talk about content, the main currency of any digital marketing strategy, to mention tips for Instagram. In short, content is any material — texts, images, podcasts, and videos, for example — shared with an audience. When you publish a Facebook post or tweet, you create content. So why does something so simple and trivial matter to a company? 

The content’s relevance makes the difference between one company and another. If you want to move and don’t know whether to choose a house or an apartment, you will look for content that can clarify this doubt. And suppose you find a real estate agent’s website that talks clearly about these differences, showing the positives and negatives without necessarily pushing a sale. In that case, you see that company as a trusted authority. 

Attention To The Videos 

In 2021, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, declared that the social network is no longer just a photo social network. Now, the application will value video and entertainment content more. 

For a company, investing in pure and simple entertainment can deviate from the focus of institutional content. However, it is possible to invest in different video themes — taking advantage of different formats is one of the main tips for Instagram. 

In the next topics, you will understand well how video content works. 

Stories Are Essential 

When a shopkeeper searches for tips for Instagram, he may notice that stories have gained as much importance as feed content. After all, it was through them that the popularity of videos on Instagram (and later on Facebook and WhatsApp) grew dramatically. 

Although it is a copy of Snapchat, the feature was a digital revolution, as companies and influencers could create different content formats in the same application. For a company, there are several possibilities to promote your business using the resource:  

  • open a question box and ask followers to tell their main questions regarding the business; 
  • use hashtags and location so other users can find your content; 
  • disclose a recent post from your feed (in moderation and always interspersed with other stories); 
  • show purchase coupons and exclusive e-commerce news for followers; 
  • whenever it makes sense, share stories from other users who have tagged your profile; 
  • make polls about product preferences and promotions; 
  • Tell us a little about the reality of your service. 

Since stories are simpler, you can share them more often than in other formats.

Create Reels For Quick Content 

Reels are short video formats derived from a very popular app among young people: Tik Tok. You can create simple and informative content about your business with editing features.  

See some tips:  

  • Focus on informative content, which can be about your segment or even for a new product in your store; 
  • Reel videos may appear in the explore tab. Therefore, create one to talk about your store, differentials, how it works, vision, and values; 
  • Also, show behind the scenes of your store. Take advantage of editing resources to show different sectors in the same video; 
  • Don’t just focus on selling. The most interesting thing is to make the user interested without you having to talk directly about purchases. 

Reels currently last a maximum of 60 seconds, but Instagram intends to increase it to 90 seconds.  

Use The Feed For Longer Videos

Although not well remembered, videos can be put directly in the feed. If you have a well-done institutional campaign longer than one minute, go to the upper right corner of the application and click publish. The preview will continue to be 1 minute long, but the user can click on it to continue watching. 

Images Are Your Calling Card 

In old content, one of Instagram’s main tips was the quality of images, colors, and organized feed. This has been lost with the popularization of videos, but it is still fundamental for a business. 

When the user opens his feed, the images are the first information he looks for. They will add a “beauty” touch to the profile. In addition, even though Instagram prioritizes the video format, the images bring a professional touch to your business. Careful editing and framing make all the difference in how a user sees your content. 

Over Time, Do Lives

Lives are also a great way to engage your audience. When you have a more significant audience, speak live with your audience about any innovative changes to your store, Christmas promotions, or any other event you deem important. 

Before starting your life, however, you need to let your audience know. Be sure to announce in stories and feed days before going live. 

Be Sure To Measure The Results 

Instagram has its own metrics tools. To do this, use your profile in the professional version and click on Insights. The app will show data showing if your profile’s activities resulted in more followers, engagement, and purchases.

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