Instagram Ads: What It Is, How, And Why To Use It!

What are Instagram Ads? Instagram Ads is Instagram’s ad platform. Through this functionality, any company can advertise within the social network, either in the feed or in stories, strategically reaching its target audience.

Ads appear in the social network’s news feed or stories and are created by the Instagram ads manager within Facebook’s ad management system.

What Are Instagram Ads?

Ads on Instagram can have the format of videos or still images, in addition to the carousel option, where a set of images forms part of the same ad.

As we will see below, there are different ways to use Ads on Instagram to help companies achieve several goals, including:

  • brand recognition;
  • traffic to the website;
  • lead generation;
  • sales and more.

How To Advertise On Instagram Ads – TOP 5

Now that you know what Instagram Ads are, it’s time to learn how to use Ads on Instagram and create a campaign. What do you think?

Have A Professional Profile

To run ads on Instagram, you need to transform your business profile on Instagram into a professional profile. The first step in creating an Instagram Ads campaign is to transform your business profile into one that defines your objective. The ad platform itself will guide you through this process. To do this, access the application, go to settings, and select “Switch to the business profile.”

If you are still learning about paid ads on social networks and digital platforms, we recommend the free eBook with a practical and visual guide to the principal paid media tools. There you also have access to important information on how to advertise on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and much more.

Have Well-Defined Personas

Knowing your business personas is essential in any marketing campaign. By learning what Instagram Ads are, you will discover that this factor is valuable in reaching the right people with your ads.

They know who your target audience (or target audiences) is even essential in the technical construction of an Instagram Ad ad. One of the main steps in creating an Instagram ad is defining your audience.

Define Your Objective With The Instagram Campaign

What are you hoping to achieve with your Insta Ads campaign? Don’t fall into the trap of doing something just because everyone else does it.

Suppose you still have doubts about the effective use of Insta Ads and their impact on your marketing and sales actions. In that case, you must know that 90% of users follow at least one company on the network and that at least 30% of Instagram users have already purchased a product they discovered on the platform.

However, you need to know what you hope to achieve with the campaign you are starting. Just like the audience, the campaign objective is also part of the construction of your ad.Define in advance, together with your team, what you hope to achieve:

  • reach;
  • visualization;
  • more followers;
  • conversion to sales;
  • leads, and so on!

Your campaign objective impacts not only the construction of the ad on the platform but also the following:

  • in the message that will be transmitted;
  • in the CTA indicated to the user;
  • in the image that will be chosen, in everything.

Use High-Quality Videos Or Images

You must know more about this social network to understand what Insta Ads is. A striking characteristic of this channel is its connection with the image, much more than with the text.

Instagram is an image social network, which should also be a concern when creating an ad for the platform.

Whether on video, still images, carousels, feeds, or stories, prioritize image quality, be different, and convey your value proposition.

Get To Know Instagram Shopping

Have you ever seen those posts with a “tag” with the name and price of the product, which appears when you click on the image? This is the functionality of Instagram Shopping, which is not exclusive to Ads and facilitates the conversion of users into customers.

By joining Instagram Shopping and Insta Ads, you can access an excellent strategy to generate more sales and improve the user experience.

This combination is a valuable tip for those learning what Instagram Ads are and want to start putting them into practice.

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