B2B Marketing: Talk To Companies Through Social Networks?

B2B Marketing: Have you ever thought that not all companies use communication strategies to attract or relate to their end consumers on the Internet?

Many seek to interact and do business with other companies; this is the most classic definition for B2B Marketing – Business to Business Marketing, as the name says, “business-to-business marketing”.

It is the set of actions a company develops to relate to another company through different communication channels – including social networks.

Social networks are not only used to put into practice the company’s marketing strategies for the consumer. The marks they should use to devise strategies to achieve their B2B goals:

  • map potential customers;
  • build relationship;
  • increase visibility;
  • generate leads;
  • generate authority with partners;
  • gain credibility in the market.

Difference Between B2B And B2C Marketing

B2C marketing, known as conventional marketing, is the set of actions focused on the end customer, while B2B is developed from company to company.

Best Social Networks For B2B Marketing

Not all social networks are suitable for working with B2B marketing. For this specific type of marketing, some channels are better and bring great results to companies; check out which ones are the best!


Another great social network for B2B Marketing is LinkedIn. This channel makes it possible to accurately reach the target audience since, in the user profile, it is possible to view the function, area of ​​activity and company where they work.

This is one of the reasons why the lead capture strategy is more expensive on this social network than on other broader and less specific ones.

An example of a company that uses LinkedIn intelligently is Embraer. In its publications, the company disseminates relevant content ranging from the top of the funnel to more specific and informative topics about the corporation.


Entrepreneurs and executives use social networks to follow news and news from the market. Devising B2B Marketing strategies on Twitter can be valuable in driving sales, improving lead capture and increasing brand credibility.

A company that uses this channel very well is IBM Brazil. They use Twitter to disseminate data, studies and news, a complete combo that arouses curiosity in their audience.


The social network with the most users worldwide cannot be left out of B2B marketing strategies! After all, users connect to Facebook as individuals but do not abandon their interests as legal entities.

So, it is a mistake not to take advantage of the potential of this channel to get closer to people and companies to establish a bond of trust that will positively influence the public’s future purchasing decisions.

B2B Social Media Marketing Tips

We separate some tips for creating good B2B marketing strategies on social networks. Check out!


Comparing your products and services with other market competitors is very important to improve internal processes and practices; it’s like learning from the “champions”, you know?

For this reason, it is worth following the social networks of corporations that compete with the brand, investing time in analyzing the content of these players and seeing which topics and types of publications bring the most results to include in your marketing plan.

Invest In Quality Content

Another strategy that works a lot in digital marketing is investing in quality content. This tip is nothing new.

And it’s not just valid for the B2B model, either! Producing rich content with relevant information that adds value to the public is essential to generate authority and brand recognition.

Download Twitter’s B2B Marketing eBook

Twitter has provided a free eBook with B2B marketing best practices to help its users implement efficient strategies within the platform.

The social network, widely used by executives, brings in this material data and insights for brands to put their actions into practice more efficiently.

The tip here is to download the eBook, better understand its features, build strategies based on reliable data to increase brand awareness, offer fast service, and connect with potential customers.

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