LinkedIn Sales Navigator: How To Find Customers On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the main one for professional social networks, which means that, unlike other networks, it is focused on sharing your professional achievements, skills and work.

As a result, most business people and professionals from around the world are present at it. Many companies use LinkedIn to find new employees and advertise vacancies; however, another use is to find potential clients for your B2B company.

For this, you can use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool, which allows you to search for ideal clients for your company. If you need to become more familiar with LinkedIn Sales Navigator or aren’t using it in your company, let’s talk about this tool.

What Is A LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool launched in 2014 to connect sellers and buyers. The tool is paid for and has three different plans to choose from. The plans have differences, but some utilities are shared between them.

You can purchase a free trial if you want to try out LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The tool uses artificial intelligence to collect and compare information published by users and the company.

Thus, LinkedIn Sales Navigator can indicate which users have the characteristics that match your ideal customer profile.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an excellent B2B Marketing strategy, that is, Business-to-business, when a company wants to sell a product or service to another company. This is because the decision-makers of companies are indeed present on LinkedIn, and you can use it to create a relationship with them and, in the future, convert them into customers.

What Are The Benefits Of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

If LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a paid tool, what are the advantages of using it and not LinkedIn? After all, it also allows you to find the profiles of potential customers. It features several features that can make your life easier when finding potential customers.

Advanced Search

You can find people and companies that may be relevant to you through filters such as title, company, educational institution and location.

In addition to the advanced search, you can also do simple searches using keywords. Advanced searches make it easy for you to find the right people, so getting a good sense of your persona is essential.

Lead Recommendation

Another way to find good Leads is with the platform’s recommendations. The difference between this and advanced search is that you don’t have to do anything in recommendations.

The intelligence identifies leads through their activities on the network and compares them with those of other users.

Smart Link

Smart Link allows you to share sales content best for both buyer and seller. With them, it is possible to group your sales presentation and product contents with a traceable link that can be shared. Users can view content without downloading it, and you can track real-time insights into views.

How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator To Sell More?

Now that you know what LinkedIn Sales Navigator is and its main features and advantages, let’s understand how to use this tool to find more leads and sell more.

You first need to configure Sales Navigator to understand and identify your company’s preferences; follow the instructions on the page.

With the settings ready, go to the navigation menu, where you can see the filter options and intelligent search, such as keywords, current company, and position, among other parameters, used to refine the search and extract relevant results.

You can then use the account save feature to keep track of leads, viewing updates and content shared by them on your Sales Navigator homepage.

This information will be essential to start building meaningful conversations with prospects. In addition to saving leads, you can save the search itself.

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