Corporate World: Use LinkedIn Strategically And Do New Business

Among the most used channels is LinkedIn, a network aimed at corporate contacts. The platform has more than 500 million accounts worldwide. 

The environment has attracted more and more people interested in knowing the company’s culture, values ​​, and plans for the future. In addition to creating a connection between those who are looking for a placement in the market and those who are hiring, being on LinkedIn means having the possibility to talk to other professionals in your area and also to follow what the great entrepreneurs are publishing, which is relevant for those who are interested in your niche market.

Therefore, it makes more and more sense to have a page for your company on LinkedIn, especially if you want to attract talent and close new deals. We have selected 3 great reasons to include LinkedIn in your communication strategy:

1 – Build Your Brand’s Good Reputation

LinkedIn can be an excellent showcase for you to show your brand in practice. This is the best network to publish the company’s day-to-day to deliver the construction of a reputation, values ​​, and culture that its employees experience. 

Use LinkedIn to talk about projects under development, plans for the future, and register what it’s like to act according to the face of your business.

2 – Make Commercial And Corporate Bridges

Those on LinkedIn are looking for exchanges with other professionals and improving their careers. The job market is always hot for those who want to learn, grow and have the knowledge to share.

According to data from the platform, 25% of the network’s users are decision-makers, and about 40% are executives and directors of corporations. Most of the people active on LinkedIn are profiles that make a difference, and having the possibility to reach them is a great opportunity.

Keeping the regularity of interaction and publications will make your page start to be known, and with that, the tendency is for new partners and interested parties to arrive. LinkedIn can be considered a moment of exchange and networking at major events and fairs. You will have access to a much larger number of people than you would have in your normal routine, and from this situation, good deals can happen.

3 – Attract The Best Talent

Doing more business, showing your brand to the world, and being close to other business partners are very important, but the potential of LinkedIn is even better. By creating a Company Page, you can advertise vacancies and get closer to the talents that have everything to do with your business strategy.

LinkedIn Strategy Is Key

For these three points to be conquered, it is essential to have an action strategy on LinkedIn. It’s not enough to republish a news story once a month and believe you will achieve something valuable.

Planning content for publications, formats, and dates is essential for your presence on LinkedIn to make sense for your company.

  • Make a selection of subjects related to your market, those tips that you pass on to employees and colleagues. These subjects, which contribute to career and market development, will attract people to your profile.
  • In a balanced way, these guidelines must contain content that reveals the company’s culture, its practices that deserve to be shared, and the experience of those involved.
  • What is most special about your company? Use LinkedIn to share the best practices and habits that are part of internal success.

There are different formats of content to publish on LinkedIn, such as photos, texts, and videos, for example. Those who know how to explore the best of each type can achieve more visibility for the brand.

Use LinkedIn Pulse To Generate Authority

One of the tools that contribute a lot to strengthening authority is LinkedIn Pulse, a space for publishing articles. A special opinion section is completed when creating a publication in this format. The texts will be stored in order of publication, and through a link, they can be shared.

Keeping a schedule of publications on Pulse makes your name present in the repercussion of the most talked-about subjects. Create the habit of writing articles reflecting the company’s vision regarding the most important facts and sharing cases and experiences that will show other users your knowledge of the field in which it operates.

Did you like the possibility of having another communication channel focused on the corporate world? So start producing content for that network, but remember, an effective communication strategy brings results.

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