How To Sell On Instagram: Tips And Advantages

It’s not enough to be on social media without knowing how to sell on Instagram! Understand how to enjoy the benefits of this social network.

For those with a business, being available on channels like Instagram is super important. It is an extremely visual social network that works through photos, videos and other short-term visual interactions. Therefore, this model is excellent for selling products and services from the most diverse segments.

Have we not convinced you yet? Then see some expressive data about the use of Instagram around the world!

  • Instagram brings together more than 1 billion users worldwide;
  • People spend, on average, at least 30 minutes a day on Insta. In addition, more than half (62%) use the platform to search for products and services and 50% to buy.

Advantages Of Selling On Instagram

By creating a profile for your business on Instagram, you will not only sell products or services. But the history and values ​​of your brand show your followers something more behind the scenes. Among the resources available for creating content, we highlight a few below.


The Instagram feed is the app’s timeline as if it were what we call “Home” on a website. Here, you can post about your service. If you sell products, remember to explore them as if they were a showcase and always inform the value; avoid just passing on the price via inbox!


You can also post content in stories, but it is important to note that the content of this feature is only available for 24 hours. Then, it disappears from public view and can only be accessed by the profile owner in the “archived items” tab.


The application has a special function aimed at those who want to sell (and buy). The Instagram store allows a business profile to post products or services for sale. So you can add description and price.

How To Sell On Instagram?

Instagram can be the right arm for those who want to sell online. As we said above, it works as a showcase, allowing the user to expose their product in an attractive and detailed way. In addition, studies indicate that using Instagram for customer relationships is promising.

This makes business profiles increasingly invest in a professional Instagram. Also, other powerful tools on Instagram Business will help you sell more and more. Do you want to see it?

Price Tag

When selling a service or product on Instagram, you can not only describe it (mentioning the ingredients in the case of selling food or the material used to make a piece, such as jewellery) but also price it.

The product catalog can be linked to your e-commerce or created directly on Instagram, and you can add new products and manage those being advertised whenever you need. Thus, when clicking on the desired product, the customer is taken to the product’s final price.

Contact By Direct Message

Recently, Instagram has been integrated with Facebook Messenger, making inbox interactions, or direct messages, much easier. Therefore, the customer can speak privately with you through in-store comments, stories, or direct messages. Be agile in service.

Location Marking

You can tag your current location when posting a photo to stories or feed. Can you imagine having the location of your business marked by a customer? This location is clickable, so your client’s followers can reach you with a simple story. It’s like good old “word of mouth marketing”, only digital.

Automate Your Messages And Integrate The Service On Instagram

But it’s not just creating the page and waiting for the miracle to happen; after all, customers looking for professional accounts on Instagram also expect to receive quick and useful responses. And, when they are well served, these customers will probably feel more likely to complete a purchase and, later, recommend your product!

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