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How To Position And Differentiate Your Company

Position And Differentiate Your Company: Our purpose here is to help our customers grow. And therefore, the first solution we offer companies is to help them position themselves in their markets.

After All, Everyone Wants To Sell More

Creating solid and memorable connections with your audience is essential, mapping the most relevant differentials to be communicated and positioning yourself accordingly. To improve engagement with the brand, generate recurring sales, and increase its loyalty.

Our clients and mentees usually go through this process, and we have also taught courses for dozens of companies in person. Now, the news is that you can access all this knowledge directly online, quickly and conveniently. 

In it, you will have access to a theoretical deepening to improve your marketing and communication knowledge. And practical exercises based on transforming questions and experiences so that you strategically define all the necessary aspects to position your company in the market and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Do you want to know more about the course and learn how to position your company? So, keep on reading!

Who Is The Course Intended For?

Is this course for you? Then see the questions below:

Are you creating a new company or want to reposition your company in the market? Can you sell your products or services for the price you would like?

Are you unable to identify or convey your brand’s differentials, especially the intangible and emotional attributes?

  • Do your customers need to recognize your qualities or investments in innovation?
  • Do you try to sell to everyone and fight over prices?
  • Do your customers remember you at the time of purchase, and are you not perceived as a reference in your segment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s a sign that your brand may have a positioning problem. To see other signals, click here. Therefore, the time has come to review your brand strategy and improve your differentials!

What Will You Learn On The Course?

The course “How to Position and differentiate your company in the Market” has theoretical and practical parts. With this, you will have much more solid knowledge to develop your brand differentials and position yourself assertively.

Theory For You To Create A Winning Strategy!

In the theoretical part, you will learn about Brand, Brand Remembrance, Brand Equity, and Branding. With these classes, you will have a deeper and more strategic view of Marketing and the role of the brand, which are the fundamental bases for creating strong brands and increasing your audience’s loyalty.

Create Your Positioning In Practice!

In the practical part, you will develop your company’s values, personas, value proposition, and purpose. Thus, it will be possible to understand in depth who your audience is, what benefits they seek, and what problems they need to solve, in addition to mapping the purpose and internal culture of the business.

We’ll also define the associations your brand wants to be remembered for. These will be used as a basis for later aligning your differentials.

Another critical point is structuring the brand’s architecture and portfolio, defining and organizing the products and services your company will offer as a solution to your audience. And also study the possibility of expanding into new lines, segments, and markets.

From there, we identify the brand’s differentials and create its new market positioning. Finally, you’ll learn how to define your goals and draw up a Road Map to put your new positioning into practice.

A booklet with tools and templates accompanies each piece of content to help you build your company’s positioning. Now is your time to take that vital step for your business and build a strong brand that allows your company to grow, even in difficult times.

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