Do Smart Virtual Assistants Contribute To The Business World?

Most popular marketing campaigns regarding smart virtual assistants focus on home use. However, we must point out that this tool is also very welcome in the business world, especially in the direct relationship between customers and companies.

The change in consumption and communication habits of consumers — who are connected 24 hours a day, looking for experiences and not just products — requires companies to invest in intelligent service solutions, and virtual assistants fit into this segment.

Chatbots were the first tools used by companies to offer this automation in customer service. Intelligent virtual assistants are a kind of evolution of chatbots, which are much more versatile.

Can you imagine yourself in a hotel that allows complete room control via voice command? Or in a supermarket that facilitates research on prices, product specifications, ingredients, chemical composition, etc., all by voice? As much as it still seems like something from futuristic movies, this technology is already there, ready to be improved.

How Can A Virtual Assistant Help My Company?

Let’s understand, in a practical way, how virtual assistants can help solve business problems in real time. The objective here is to increase human capacity and productivity. Check out!

Have More Organization

Management and organization are words that go hand in hand. With virtual assistants, organizing appointments and tasks on the agenda is easier. Through it, you can, with your voice, manage your emails, calendar events, and to-do lists. In addition, the assistant lets you know the weather conditions and controls access to the building’s lobby.

Automate Functions

A good virtual assistant will help the manager to automate essential tasks, such as searches, identification of reference points, and updating the database, after making a purchase or sale — essential functions to optimize the team’s time.

Provides A Collaborative Environment

Another benefit that virtual assistants bring to companies is the facilitation of teamwork. The device can act as an invisible coach or integrate the most relevant data, displaying them live in a chat.

Enables Adoption Of Omnichannel Communication

You can integrate the system into all your company’s digital channels, delivering an excellent tool for the customer service and sales sectors and reducing the queue.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Virtual Assistants For Sales?

Let’s understand clearly, how models of virtual assistants, traditional or personalized, can help companies to boost their sales. Follow!

Make Your Customer’s Life Easier

The customer can interact directly with a chatbot or virtual assistant when accessing a sales website. These systems are equipped with algorithms that direct consumers, according to their questions, to the desired service or product.

These virtual assistants can be represented by characters, such as Lu from retail giant Magazine, stylized in 3D, with human features to generate more empathy. Or like Bia, from Bradesco, which has no graphic representation but is equipped with a highly robust algorithm.

These assistants have access to the client’s database and the web and are ready to do anything from a simple search to more robust cross-referencing of information.

In addition, as the customer uses the assistant, it generates a history, which allows the statistical identification of patterns of each consumer, which starts to bring increasingly refined results for searches, improving the customer experience.

Automate From Support

With the services sector growing vertiginously, there is an increase in demand for support from companies, which have ever-increasing queues and need tools to avoid production bottlenecks. If in sales, which opens up a much wider range for searches, virtual assistants do the job, imagine in support, where questions are more predictable and frequent.

Relationships between questions and answers are more logical, and virtual assistants can collect real-time feedback to refine their searches for certain keywords.

It is an excellent opportunity for companies to make their FAQ — frequently asked questions page — much more interactive, with a natural conversation appearance, generating much more empathy and connection with consumers.

Gain More Speed And Response Quality

Even the most competent employees take time to find the right answers to certain questions. Virtual assistants do this much faster and more efficiently, reducing queues and delivering what the customer wants at that particular moment: agile responses.

Thus, the human attendants are responsible for answering only the questions that the AVI cannot decipher or reach a clear conclusion, which can happen at the beginning when the system is still being refined.

Earn On Availability

The virtual assistant doesn’t go to the bathroom, doesn’t get tired, and doesn’t sleep; this is in line with our everyday problems, which also don’t choose a time to arrive, right?

In addition to working 24 hours a day, every day of the week, the virtual assistant does not generate extra costs for the company. Thus, corporations with high demand can work with a reduced staff outside business hours, leaving human attendants only to act in case of complex problems.

Increase Sales

The virtual attendants cross data at the same time as they provide the service, being able to offer products and offers based on the history of customers, other consumers who have a similar profile, or based on the current request. It is one of the ways for the company to increase the average ticket, using cross-selling and up-selling tactics.

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