Marketing 360 Degrees: What It Is, Advantages And How to Do It

Marketing 360 Degrees: The objective of 360-degree marketing is to convey a consistent message, articulating all touchpoints with the persona.

Opening a dialogue with the customer creates an approximation with him, valuing the brand and enhancing results.

In the middle of the digital era, it is essential to adopt this new paradigm for marketing, following the impacts of new technologies on consumer behavior.

To better clarify how global and integrated communication works, we created this article on 360º marketing, its advantages, and how to implement a strategy with this approach. Follow!

What Is 360-Degree Marketing?

It is a broad and global strategy in which investments should be channeled to more than one means of communication. Rather, it consists of a set of marketing actions integrated into a single campaign that articulates all relevant channels for the target audience.

A 360-degree approach involves looking at the entire customer journey, from search to purchase, encompassing multiple devices and touchpoints.

The goal is to take the brand’s message to your audience, wherever they are. In an integrated manner, it seeks to transmit a unique perception to its customers, establishing the same language regardless of the means of communication used.

What Are The Main Advantages Of A 360-Degree Approach?

Communication with this vision makes it possible to integrate the public and the company through the homogeneous distribution of information, guaranteeing results for both online and offline actions.

In this way, several benefits are perceived:

A Standout Among The Competition

Coherence in the various means of communication ensures more credibility, making it a differentiator for the brand. In a fiercely competitive market, distinguishing yourself is an advantage gained through details like this.

Customer Loyalty

Communicating in an integrated way enables a structured positioning for the brand, offering security to the customer, who does not need another solution. Thus, consumer loyalty stands out as one of the main benefits of this marketing strategy.

Brand Appreciation

The value of a brand is determined by how its customers perceive it and, mainly, when this perception is reinforced in every contact opportunity.

360-degree communication is quite effective in strengthening the brand by covering the various channels with the consumer.

A More Comprehensive View Of The Market

Reaching a wider range of customers, 360º marketing allows for a better understanding of the market. Such knowledge makes it possible to create campaigns that are more aligned with the persona’s needs in the various communication channels and obtain more accurate feedback.

Improved Customer Relationship

Several channels make the dialogue with the consumer more open and the relationship closer and truer. In addition to achieving greater reach, the relationship between company and consumer is characterized by a stronger and lasting bond, improving the customer experience.

How To Run An Integrated Campaign In Practice?

There needs to be more than multichannel to be considered an integrated campaign. The action plan must take the customer lifecycle and use it to your advantage to build lasting customer relationships.

We are talking about an approach that includes actions on and off the internet. Digital marketing involves communication with the customer, sending emails, content, website, SEO, sponsored links, lead attraction and social media. Since the message delivered must be integrated into the campaign aired on TV, radio, print media and points of sale.

Checklist For A 360-Degree Campaign

When adopting a 360-degree marketing strategy, several factors must be considered when creating the campaign:


As in any campaign, it is essential to define the objectives, ranging from brand presence to increased sales. The important thing is to map the interests of the target audience, putting yourself in the persona’s shoes too, based on this analysis, stipulating the objectives and means to achieve them.


Another point is planning actions, considering the customer’s journey and going through the sales funnel. It’s about more than choosing media channels and simultaneously putting the campaign on all of them. It is necessary to map which content is relevant for each channel and create opportunities that lead the persona to a decision-making moment and strategies that effectively increase conversion.


Especially when discussing actions in the digital environment, segmentation is essential. For each action and point of contact, it is necessary to define the audience segmentations: who should be reached with that action through a certain channel. This audience restriction saves the budget and guarantees more effectiveness for a digital campaign.

Articulated Channels

The parts of a campaign need to work together, showing synergy and integration between channels. A unified vision must be passed through optimized messages for each channel, with a strong and coherent language transmitted by articulated channels.

Expected Results

A 360-degree marketing campaign only bets some of its chips on a single action or medium. It is about developing a strategic plan for results on various media platforms in a timeline designed according to consumer behavior.


As important as achieving objectives and achieving results is monitoring campaign performance. After all, one of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is the possibility of analyzing metrics and extracting data from them that guide the global strategy.

The 360-degree marketing strategy has become a basic premise for communicating brands of any size, from giants like Coca-Cola — which has been investing in multichannel campaigns for some time — to local businesses like small restaurants. By associating the security of traditional media with the potential of social networks, it is possible to achieve positive interactions, significantly increasing sales and brand value.

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