How To Get New Followers On Instagram?

Gaining more followers is a common desire among those who start investing in Instagram. But it is important not to resort to techniques such as buying followers but to invest in getting organic followers on the social network.

Also, gaining followers shouldn’t be the only strategy. It would help if you combined it with tactics to ensure these people engage with your publications. With that said, check out the tips!

Publish Quality Content

Your photos and videos need to be quality and say something. Remember: your image is on a timeline with dozens of others competing for the attention of those on their cell phones looking for some information or even distracted. Add good ideas, but always with a space of time between one post and another.

Follow Back

It’s good to know what your followers on Instagram are doing, and a good way out is to follow their profiles to get new ideas, discover their preferences and make recent posts even closer to your target audience.

Interact With Followers

Every interaction needs relevance. When posting a comment on a photo, try to put yourself in the following situation: you are at a meeting of friends, and you will join a conversation that is already happening. Make sure your comment is in context and never “force the bar” to create a dialogue – this, in addition to being naughty, can pass the image of a boring salesman.

Research Competitors

There are undoubtedly big brands (and small ones, too) doing a great job on Instagram. Search, find out which posts have the most comments and likes, save the images and use them as inspiration for yours.

Be careful not to make “copies” (an image with a similar phrase, for example) or use the same theme in the same week as your competitor; this can look like plagiarism.

Share Your Profile On Other Networks

Instagram, like other social networks, has means of dissemination. Insert a banner advertising your profile on your website or blog, comment on Twitter, and make several posts on Facebook. Using all these resources, in addition to partners on the social network (profiles in your area with many followers, for example), and press relations are good ways to grow your profile.

How To Use Videos On Instagram?

Instagram allows you to upload videos of up to 60 seconds in your feed. You need to upload longer videos to IGTV, which allows for audiovisual content up to 15 minutes long (or 60 minutes for some accounts). In this second case, it is possible to publish a preview in the feed, inviting the user to watch the full video on IG TV.

Whichever option you choose, it’s a fact that the first few seconds of the video are essential to catch the user’s attention, who has a timeline at their disposal with countless distractions. 

When creating your video, be careful with editing. Wasn’t it good? Do and redo until you are satisfied. It’s your company’s image at stake, so the more quality, the better. You can edit the video, apply filters and choose a good cover image. Keep in mind that she is the main attraction factor of your video; it is what will lead to the click of play.

We’ve selected some ideas to boost your videos:


DIY comes from the acronym “do it yourself” or, in Portuguese, “do it yourself” (free translation). The idea here is to get the user to get their hands dirty and create something. There are thousands of DIYs available for inspiration; any of them could be the perfect solution to generate content for your business. It is possible to demonstrate the beginning of the process or parts of it and forward it to the blog or YouTube channel in a few seconds.

Instruction Manual

You can create a video that replaces instruction manuals. Tips for using products better or enhancing the use of software can be a way out. Editing a walkthrough in topics is also an excellent way to explain your product use better.

Quick Tips

You have a short and valuable time to give a tip that makes a difference to your audience. Drops of information are often better received by users who already have a lot of information in front of them because of the social network dynamics. Make collections of tips and maintain a visual identity, either by theme or by a group of leads, to facilitate the unity of the content.

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