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When To Post On Twitter And LinkedIn To Optimize Your Reach?

Twitter and LinkedIn have quickly become essential social networks for brands. Their professional communication can be very effective there, depending on their target type and activity. But one of the necessary conditions for making your online presence profitable on these networks is knowing how to use them at the right time.

Some are more favorable than others, and some periods are even to be avoided if you don’t want to waste your time. Find out, below, for Twitter and LinkedIn, what are the best times of the week to post your publications and effectively reach your marketing target.

The Best Times To Post On Twitter

Twitter is a great social network for brands to keep in touch with their customers and prospects or manage customer service.

Speed ​​is therefore essential on Twitter, a network where users often scroll through their feed chronologically. Even though the social network selectively highlights certain activities out of chronological sequence, based on user interests, posting at off-peak times can cause you to miss out on a lot of your potential engagement.

You must therefore know the statistical elements observed on Twitter in terms of peak frequency. Here are the significant trends that can be identified:

  • Overall, engagement is most consistent on weekdays and specifically Monday through Friday from 8 am8 am to 4 pm4 pm.
  • The best days, overall, are unquestionably Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • The best times when the peak attendance is specific each week are Wednesday at nine am and Friday at the same time.

If we compare Twitter to other social networks, we can see that it generally has more morning activity with a reasonably early start. The sociology of people present on Twitter mainly dominated by assets can explain this phenomenon. Moreover, regardless of the type of publication (information, promotion, etc.), engagement is most favorable during the lunch break, confirming a somewhat professional audience.

The Worst Times To Post On Twitter

The trough in activity on Twitter during the week occurs on Saturday, which is the day with the lowest traffic. And the most down engagement times are invariably every day from 10:00 pm10:00 pm to 4:00 am4:00 am.

Therefore, you will have to avoid posting essential elements on these slots so as not to lose efficiency in your publications.

The Best Times To Post On LinkedIn

LinkedIn targets a more specific audience than other social networks, but that’s no reason to ignore its marketing power. Indeed, its users are essentially motivated and involved assets in their business, and they are a prime target, especially for B2B marketing. But as with most social networks, the timing of your posts is crucial, and it is essential to know the best times to post on LinkedIn and reach your audience in the best possible way.

In general, the most consistent commitment occurs from Tuesday to Friday from 8 am8 am to 2 pm2 pm, certainly corresponding to office time slots. The best day of the week is by far Wednesday, and it is also on this day that we see peaks in attendance on LinkedIn between 9 and 10 am10 am and 12 and 1 pm1 pm.

This attendance is pretty symptomatic of the type of audience of this very professional network, and it is not surprising that the activity of the network is concentrated on working days. But this phenomenon is even more amplified than on other networks because the typicality of users involves less online activity outside working hours.

The Low Periods When You Should Avoid Posting On LinkedIn

We will not be surprised knowing the particularity of LinkedIn to note that it is outside the traditional periods of professional activity that the network is the quietest.

It is indeed Sunday, the most hollow day with a tiny proportion of publications. During the week, the night hours are the most deserted, and it is advisable to avoid publishing from 9 pm to 3 am when few users are present online.

Analyze Your Specific Audience To Find Out Their Habits

Even if Twitter and LinkedIn are more “typical” networks than generalist social networks (Facebook type), it should not be assumed that their users all behave similarly. Depending on your sector of activity, the age structure of your community, or whether it is national or international, you may have completely different behaviors that lead to varying hours of network use. This is why it is essential to set up indicators on engagement rates according to days or time slots to understand better how your audience reacts and how it behaves.

For a more detailed study, you can also distinguish its indicators according to the type of publication you make or even conduct test campaigns by publishing identical or very similar content at different times to measure the other effects. This analysis must not be limited to a period but must be continuous. Your community grows and evolves, supporting the development of your brand. It can, therefore, also change in substance and behavior.

Similarly, the algorithms of social networks are rarely fixed and the general behavior of their users. Therefore, yesterday’s truth may not be today’s truth and, therefore, even less tomorrow’s truth. This is why we must not remain too fixed on notions of behavior that would be acquired and immutable. On the contrary, you have to stay awake, monitor the reach and engagement of all your publications, test new formulas and perhaps also new time slots, and in any case, be ready to support changes in the behavior of your audience. Twitter or LinkedIn.

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