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How To Do Digital Marketing On Instagram?

To do Digital Marketing on Instagram, you need to publish quality content that makes sense to your audience, analyze the results, and implement improvements.

According to data from Instagram itself, there are more than 1 billion active users globally on the social network, which places it in fifth place among the most used in the world, second only to Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

In addition to being a full plate for users who can publish in different formats, such as photos, video, Stories, Reels and live broadcasts, Instagram also gains space among businesses that seek to reach this large number of people. Your target audience. Proof of this is that in January 2020, the site was the second most used by marketers to run campaigns, behind only Facebook.

Because of all this, Instagram is a great channel to do Digital Marketing. If you doubt how to use the social network in the best way to reach your audience, promote your products and services and convert your visitors into sales, follow the article and learn about some Digital Marketing tips on Instagram!

Digital Marketing Strategy On Instagram: Which Companies Should Do It?

Before getting into the Digital Marketing tips on Instagram, it is worth reflecting on whether it makes sense for your business to be present on this social network.

For this, it is necessary, first, to understand how the public uses the network. In the case of Facebook and Twitter, it is common to find people looking for information (in addition to news pages, blogs and technical communities from different areas often have large audiences). On Instagram, on the other hand, this doesn’t usually happen. The appeal is very visual, and you need to understand which goals of your company fit the way the network is used.

Here at RD, for example, we use our Instagram to promote blog posts, rich materials and other relevant content for Digital Marketing and sales professionals, but not only that: we take advantage of the social network to publish open vacancies, showing our backstage and disseminating the company culture, which also contributes to attracting talent. 

As for bars and restaurants, for example, the path is different. These establishments can show the dishes, the people who frequent the place, and the posters of upcoming events and, thus, use Instagram for their core business naturally.

The most important thing is to fit your message to the medium. It would help if you tried to understand the intersection between your company’s goals and what can be done through images and videos that are interesting to this audience. In some cases, this is obvious; in others, not so much, and for some, even the network would make little sense. There is no ready answer but a reflection that each business must do.

To conclude, it helps a lot to know and research your different audiences, analyze how companies in your market are using the social network, put creativity to work, and find ways to combine all this with your company’s goals. 

The importance of Instagram for Business

Before any Digital Marketing tips on Instagram, you must know about Instagram for Business, or Instagram for business, which consists of tools that allow companies to have a business profile, create ads and access insights about followers on Instagram. Social network.

Having a business profile on Instagram is essential to start doing Digital Marketing on the social network. You must have a Facebook fan page connected to an Instagram profile with 100 followers. It is necessary to pay attention to these metrics to understand what content is most interesting to your audience and how people are engaging with your profile.

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