Google Tasks: How This Tool Can Optimize Your Work

Google Tasks – has the advantage of having the company’s task lists organized in the Gmail inbox. This feature fits the demands of large, medium or small business services.

The Google application is a complete to-do organization service, available free of charge, a tool that doesn’t weigh on the budget and makes a difference for those who always want to get their work done on time.

To access this resource, you just need to be connected to the internet and have a Gmail account, Google’s email address. Accessibility is via PCs, notebooks, cell phones, tablets, among other devices. Let’s now check out its features and advantages.

Advantages Of Google Tasks

Although it is not as advanced as a dedicated corporate listings application, Google Tasks allows you to carry out tasks and subtasks, offering the essential resources to cover most of the day-to-day needs of companies.

This feature works more or less like a sheet of paper on which you write down tasks or a list of items, and immediately after use, the note can be easily discarded.

We can say that this Google tool is one of the technological solutions helpful in helping ecology by allowing you to take notes without using paper in physical form.

Another advantage of Google Tasks for companies is that employees can reduce clutter and the accumulation of paperwork on their desks, making the work environment more pleasant. From payment lists to suppliers to supermarket purchases, any information is listed practically, simply, safely and quickly.

In addition to the possibility of making multiple listings, this cybernetic technology is also capable of working as a calendar so that the tasks created in the listings can also be scheduled, even generating alerts in the email itself to notify that a specific date of a particular note is about to arrive. To be won.

For these and other reasons, employees from several corporations have already abandoned the old paper diary to schedule tasks in their email inbox with Google Tasks.

Why Use It?

Managing notes in digital format and online application is declaring independence from messy listings on desks or stuck on the fridge in the middle of the office pantry.

Like most applications, Google Tasks is an easy-to-use tool; in a few minutes, employees adapt to using it quickly and effectively. Google Tasks lets you view your appointments and schedule appointments from anywhere.

Some programs have the same objective and are more complete, such as Wunderlist and Todo list. However, in addition to being simple, Google Tasks works perfectly within the email itself and is free of charge.

Another essential factor that justifies using the Google tool is that the data in the lists is stored in the cloud. You don’t need to keep anything on less overloaded company computers.

Since the information in the lists is stored online with Tasks, you can create task lists while you are at home and open them while working at the company.

The 12 Main Features Of Google Tasks

Below is a list that presents some possibilities of Google Tasks functions that are most popular among managers in other countries:

  1. Using any device, it is possible to edit tasks and view lists;
  2. Create lists and easily define which activities are the highest priority for the team at the moment;
  3. Perform the division of tasks into subtasks;
  4. Store data from anywhere;
  5. Available in English;
  6. Receive email alerts regarding appointments;
  7. Access just one list on multiple computers or devices at the same time;
  8. View and create notes in your own Gmail inbox;
  9. Add information to each task to help employees understand;
  10. Add or remove details from the lists as the company’s projects progress;
  11. Integration with G Suite;
  12. Ease of analyzing data or making information available to employees.

How To Use Google Tasks?

There are no secrets to using this application. Inside your Gmail, which has the most up-to-date design, you need to access the symbols on the right side of the inbox, then choose a day on the calendar and fill in the task data.

Google Tasks represents a typical tool of the era in which large companies aim to use solutions that allow them to reduce the use of physical paper and the costs that may exist due to excess paperwork, whether in financial or organizational terms.

In this sense, when considering the need always to have organized information, there is no justification for your business to stop using this excellent Google tool, even by multinationals.

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