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How To Advertise On Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s ad platform, where you can invest in paid traffic. Through this platform, you can promote YouTube ads in search results, making it one of the first results of the page or on other pages connected to Google, establishing a budget to keep these ads in the air. 

Setting A Goal

Investing in paid traffic can be part of a strategy to achieve different goals. For example, you should increase your business’s visibility or improve your conversion rate. 

It is essential to determine your objective and start creating your ads and publishing them, thus being more assertive in which advertising to create and which platform resources to use. Google Ads itself has a series of goals to be selected that must be chosen thinking about your core objective as a company. 

To start creating an ad, it is necessary to choose one of these goals, and this choice will help in evaluating the results obtained, thus making it easier to identify if the campaign needs modifications. In addition, for each goal, there are types of ads that Google itself recommends to generate the desired results.

Goals are divided into six categories: 

  • Sales;
  • Leads;
  • Website traffic;
  • Product and brand consideration;
  • Reach and brand recognition.
  • app promotion


As the name suggests, this category refers to increasing the company’s total number of sales or conversions through physical or digital channels. Part of that goal also includes getting in front of people who have had previous contact with your brand and are deciding on a purchase.

To accomplish this, one of the indications is the creation of campaigns on the search network, where the ad will appear in the search result for the keyword and ideally must offer a particular condition for a limited time to arouse the customer’s interest. This feature allows you to measure the strategy through the clicks made, being highly recommended to appear to people who already know the brand.

The campaign within the Shopping tab is also a good approach, as it is possible to highlight a product with its photo and price when a person is already aiming to purchase, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Campaigns on the Display Network are ads within a Google partner site, and the site owner receives a commission for making that space available or for clicks on the ad. 

In this modality, it is possible to create campaigns in different formats: image, text and video, the latter being the most common on YouTube. However, the most significant conversion result on the Display Network is banners made up of images since they attract more attention and arouse greater public interest, allowing you to reach people who have never heard of your company. 

Video campaigns reach potential customers using YouTube, both during videos and searches. This format is recommended if your audience prefers videos and dynamics.


The main goal for leads is to reach new users and more qualified ones precisely because they are already looking for something related. For this goal, it is essential to create an opportunity for the person to fill out a form in exchange for some material or subscribe to a newsletter so that you can get the data for a more active contact.

To achieve this goal, the recommended resources are the same as in sales: Search, Shopping, Display and YouTube video campaigns. The particularity lies in creating the ad encouraging people to leave their contact information.

Site Traffic

This goal is to increase the number of visits to the site, preferably in a qualified way, that is, by people with more purchasing potential.

The recommended resources are the same four present in the previous goals. The main difference in this goal concerns the internal metrics for analyzing the result. Another point is that in the previous targets, the sale could take place offline, as well as the contact with the lead. In this case, the goal is for the process to follow an online flow.

Product And Brand Consideration

This goal is to encourage a potential customer to consider your brand in a time of need, even if it’s not now, so the focus is not on conversion. 

To meet this goal, it is necessary to remain visible to the potential customer and demonstrate the value of your products or services through advertisements indicating the benefits, sharing testimonials or another strategy.

Therefore, the best Google Ads resources are Display Network campaigns, which allow you to maintain visibility, and video ads, which demonstrate incredible value.

Brand Reach And Recognition

This goal consists of showing your audience what your products or services are, making them more widespread, and generally increasing your brand’s relevance.

It is interesting to reach a wider audience and diversify the variety of formats and advertisements to gain this recognition. At a time of launching new products or expanding, intensifying the amount of advertising helps with the conversion goal and the reach goal.

To achieve this goal, the most recommended resources are campaigns on the Display Network and videos on YouTube. In both cases, it is worth investing in a significant diversification of materials, creating different creatives for the same audience, and intensifying the brand’s presence without becoming tiring for the audience.

App Promotion

This goal is the only one specifically for mobile devices and consists precisely in promoting the download of the application through the Play Store, generating an increase in engagement. 

The strategy usually offers a discount on products for those who buy with the application, promoting massive downloads in a given period.

Ads of this type benefit from publishing on the Play Store but can also be effective when published on the Search Network. As many users use their mobile phones to search on Google, the search ad is an efficient redirector for the download in the app store.

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