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How To Use Google Chat: Resources And Advantages

Google chat is one of the best resources to keep up with changes in the Digital Age. “That meeting could have been an email” You have certainly heard that expression in the corporate world, right?

After all, replacing one with the other always streamlines communication between employees, facilitating the categorization of subjects, storing important information, and enabling remote work.

Therefore, emails should retain relevance for companies and individuals, but with the modernization of the contact, the phrase mentioned above has already received an upgrade. And today, most long and bureaucratic emails can already be replaced by direct messages, more interactive and dynamic in communication apps, such as Google Chat.

That is, currently, it is not uncommon to hear: “this email could be a message.” The demand for agility, objectivity and mobility has driven many brands to develop solutions that meet this need, like Google Chat.

Let’s get to know this tool better, its advantages, and how to use Google Chat in your company.

What Is Google Chat?

Google Chat is one of the numerous tools developed by the technology giant Google to facilitate and streamline everyday tasks. In this case, it is a communication software for exchanging messages. 

Perhaps you are thinking: “there are infinite tools that perform the same function. What makes Google Chat different?”

Like most Google tools, Chat doesn’t have just one function. In addition to Chat with integration with bots, it is still possible to share content and communicate with other tools. Such as Calendar, Keep, Contacts, and Google Tasks.

This way, Google Chat applications have become much more comprehensive than common messaging apps, such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Messenger. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to use the tool directly in Gmail or as an independent app for organizing, communicating, and optimizing tasks.

What Are The Main Features Of Google Chat?

The main functionalities of Google Chat are related to the communicability between contacts, people, groups, and business and personal sectors. For this, Google has developed numerous resources, such as:

  • Integration with Google Drive, Keep, Calendar, etc. Users can quickly share, edit and store documents with real-time interaction;
  • Creation of Spaces to categorize groups of contacts, develop projects and strengthen communication with different sectors. It is possible to insert a title and description and select the contacts that will be part of each space;
  • Chat Rooms – The user can add people to a single conversation, hold meetings, video calls, etc.;
  • Smart searches make it easy to find files, conversations, and more;
  • Easy access to all messages in one place, directly in Gmail or in the Google Chat app itself;
  • Bots and intelligence to perform connections and searches and increase productivity.

Of course, all the other chat features, document uploads, editing, emojis, and more!

How Does Google Chat Work?

Google Chat is a simple and extremely intuitive tool; it is available for Google users and companies that want to organize and facilitate day-to-day communication. To access the features, click on the Google Chat icon, directly on the Google tab or in Workspace.

For those who used the previous tools, the Hangout contacts will be imported, and the last exchanged messages appear in the Chat. Now the user can continue or start a conversation directly with any contacts.

As well as creating a personalized space with a title and description. To add members to the space, fill in the participants’ Gmail and send the invitation.

It is also possible to enter existing groups to which the user has already received an invitation. And, of course, creating parallel groups to develop projects, exchange information, and send targeted notices.

Advantages Of Google Chat 

As you may have noticed, the advantages of Google Chat affect, mainly, companies’ internal communication. After all, through the resources of Google Chat, it is possible to start conversations and store all the information, data, and documents that are valuable to the company.

In addition to assisting in real-time integration, employees can quickly share documents, updates, and information. Both horizontally and vertically. Thus becoming an important tool for the alignment of the entire company.

Another extremely good point is the automation of manual functions, such as message categorization, filters, and searches. With Google Chat, users can create spaces to filter exchanges according to deadlines, objectives, etc.

Google’s intelligence is also used to support the team’s productivity, offering intelligent filters and searches, allowing quick locations of terms, documents, activities, and messages.

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