WhatsApp Web For Business: Increase Your Results

WhatsApp Web for Business is a feature of WhatsApp that allows you to manage conversations through the application through the computer; being a very effective tool for meeting the needs of Sales, After-Sales, and Support for companies.

Surely you know WhatsApp. The most used application in the world for communication between people also has a Business version, seeking to bring customers and companies closer, opening a contact in the channel preferred by the majority.

It is a fact that, nowadays, telephone calls are no longer a habit. Customers who can contact the company through alternative means, such as social media, email, or WhatsApp, tend to opt for this.

What Is WhatsApp Web For Business

WhatsApp Web for Business is a feature of WhatsApp Business, a version of the application aimed at companies of all sizes.

In this functionality, the user (in this case, the company) can control their conversations with customers through the computer, facilitating the day-to-day work of professionals responsible for sales, after-sales, support, and others.

That way, you can have a team managing these interactions instead of relying on one person checking the phone all the time. Much easier, right?

How WhatsApp Web For Business Works

WhatsApp for Business, also known as WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Corporate, is a version of the world’s most famous personal communication application aimed at businesses of all sizes.

To use the enterprise app, you need to have a specific number for it. You cannot use the number registered in your WhatsApp. But the most exciting thing is that the business profile accepts a landline number!

So, you can very well have your company’s landline registered on WhatsApp, facilitating the communication between you and your customers.

Who Can Use WhatsApp Corporate Web

You must have already understood that WhatsApp Web for Business is an exciting tool for many businesses. But you may be wondering: would it work for my company?

Let’s bring some business models that can benefit from the tool, with examples of applications in the company’s routine. Check out:

  • Stores and restaurants: they can advertise promotions, offer benefits and send catalogs (or menus) with the offers of the day;
  • Virtual stores: clarify doubts, carry out sales, exchange, and returns processes;
  • Industries and services in general: open a new service channel to register doubts, complaints, or compliments;
  • B2B companies: make contact with partners, suppliers, and customers, streamlining processes;
  • IT Services: Open support tickets, facilitate contact, and reduce response time for maintenance, bug fixes, or security.

Advantages Of Using WhatsApp Web For Business

WhatsApp has 1.5 billion monthly active users around the world. This information alone benefits your company: look at how many people may be waiting for this form of contact with your company.

In addition, WhatsApp is a much closer way to keep in touch with your audience. Unlike social networks, where you often have random contacts, no one gives your WhatsApp to just anyone, right?

Therefore, having this contact is a way to get closer to each client, strengthening the relationship and having a more personal and unique speech.

But other than that, we will present five advantages that cannot be disregarded. Indeed, by the end of the reading, you will be convinced that WhatsApp Web for Business is a fundamental tool for your Business. Check out:

#1 More Sales

Direct contact with the company increases sales, as 61% of people said they like to receive personalized messages from the companies they interact with.

In addition, it is straightforward to complete the purchase if you are in direct contact with the company. You, as a business, can handle objections in a timely and individual way, increasing your conversions.

#2 Strengthen The Relationship

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: WhatsApp is a private channel close to your customer. With it, you can strengthen your relationships with potential customers and those who are already customers, sending personalized and unique messages. And the best: by the application that he is already familiar with and uses often.

#3 Cost Reduction

The app is, so far, free. With this, you reduce expenses by sending SMS or sending emails, as you can have your contacts gathered on this platform.

#4 Communication Security

All conversations on WhatsApp Business are encrypted. This ensures more information security, as the environment is protected, and data theft is complicated — and highly unlikely.

#5 Increase The Performance Of The Service Team

You can improve your company’s service through the application’s statistics reports and feedback. In addition to the messages typically received, you can request customer feedback, conduct satisfaction surveys and create strategic plans based on the information received.

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