How To Create A Robot To Answer WhatsApp?

Contrary to what many think, creating a robot to respond to WhatsApp is not tricky. However, to achieve successful robot functionality, you need to have a clear strategy. 

In this context, we have separated below four steps that, when put into practice, will undoubtedly help you during the application installation steps, namely:

Download The WhatsApp Business API App

Before you can create a robot to answer WhatsApp, you must first download the application called WhatsApp Business API. Currently, this application is intended for medium and large companies.

When installing the application, you can choose to be a customer or a solution provider. Next, the application will also request information such as your company name, the website URL, and the company representative’s data. So once your application has been reviewed and approved, you can start using the WhatsApp API tool.

Evaluate The Message Flow

Suppose your WhatsApp chatbot has the mission of answering your customers’ questions. In that case, you must evaluate the flow of messages and pay attention to your consumers’ sales funnel and purchase journey to guide them to solve your doubts and problems.

Use A Chatbot Creator For Messages

At this stage, customer service solutions that support messaging apps can help you save time by creating chatbots to respond to WhatsApp, so you don’t have to build them from scratch.

Test Chatbot Functionality For WhatsApp

To evaluate the tool’s functionality, you must assess the interaction of your Chatbot through the questions that are asked on the platform.

Correcting errors and meeting the needs observed in the tool will ensure the high quality of the product and, as a consequence, will result in the best customer experience.

How Does WhatsApp Business Work?

WhatsApp Business, as already mentioned, is a version of WhatsApp for businesses. The free application for Android’s primary function is to facilitate interaction with your customers and vice versa.

But, after all, how to make a Chatbot for WhatsApp? According to information shared on the official WhatsApp blog, it can be said that the app works as follows: 

  • Business Profile: This field can be filled with helpful information for your customers, such as business description, email, website, physical address, and phone number.
  • Messaging Tools: This app lets you send quick, intelligent answers to the most frequently asked questions and greeting messages to introduce your business and away letters to let them know when you’re busy.
  • Message statistics: you can analyze simple application metrics, such as the number of messages read, and thus get a picture of what is working for your business.
  • WhatsApp Web: This allows you to receive and send messages with WhatsApp businesses using your computer.
  • Account Type: App users will know that they are interacting with a business as you will be listed as a business account. In addition, the version also has a verification seal for company profiles. The seal image appears next to the contact’s name in the cell phone’s phonebook as soon as the verification is passed.

It is worth mentioning that despite this new performance, people will continue to use this as usual; there is no need to download anything additional. In addition, users will also continue to have complete control over the messages they receive, including the options to block any number and report spam. However, as practical as dealing with customers via WhatsApp, the application may not be fast enough, especially if the volume of incoming messages is enormous.

To circumvent this scenario, companies started to use the robot to answer WhatsApp, also known as Chatbot for this. But, after all, what is it, how does it work, and how to create a robot to answer the app? Continue reading and find out more!

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