What Is Chatbot: A Complete Guide On This Technological Novelty

Chatbot allow companies to serve customers 24 hours a day through an automated communication system. They can also have machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to learn from each conversation and interact better with people.

If you like to keep up with technological news, you may have recently come across terms such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and chatbots. A great evolution in the relationship between consumers, companies and technology, chatbots can be described, in short, as robots (bots) that talk to people through a chat.

For businesses looking to improve customer service, these robots aid consumers to get information quickly and as close to a real conversation as possible. For companies, they represent an alternative to escalating the relationship. 

But are these its only advantages? What are chatbots? How does this tool, which represents the future of customer relationships, work? In what areas of my company can it be used? We wrote this guide to answer all your questions about this feature! Come on?

What Is A Chatbot?

If you’ve ever called an 0800 number, you’ve probably heard phrases like “press 1 for more information, press 2 for an operator”. When thinking about what a chatbot is, this technology might come to mind. Although online service is increasingly automated, thanks to technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, they are turning into something much more improved.

Developed from automated communication software, the chatbot allows companies to serve customers 24 hours a day. To offer an automated and efficient communication experience, the most advanced have the intelligence to learn from each conversation and interact better with people. They also include machine learning tools (if translated literally), which are programmed to talk to customers online by imitating a real person.

But What Is Artificial Intelligence? 

We’ve explained what a chatbot is, but we haven’t talked about the concept behind artificial intelligence yet. This part of science studies and develops devices that approach human reasoning capabilities. Artificial intelligence is an important factor in companies to achieve increased profitability, regardless of the segment.

Through this skill and the technology of Machine Learning – technology that exposes AI to multiple examples until it can recognize patterns and act on them – they can understand scenarios and make decisions that solve them. They can tell jokes, recommend restaurants, record shopping orders, and even process payments.

How Does The Chatbot Work?

You already understand what chatbots are and what chatbot means. Now it’s time to know how the customer service chatbot works. The first thing you need to understand is that there are two types of boats today: guideline-based and AI-based.

Directive-Based Bot

This type of functionality works as follows: your company must raise all frequently asked questions and their respective answers. From them, other information formats are inserted, such as images, emojis and links, to get closer to the voice of your business. A little more limited, this type of service can only respond to a specific number of requests and understand the vocabulary pre-defined in the assembly of the system. 

It can be the solution your company needs if your goal is to offer consumers support in carrying out specific tasks, such as knowing the location of an order or requesting a duplicate payment slip. 

Bot Based On Artificial Intelligence

The other type of chatbot, which is more advanced, is based on Artificial Intelligence. Despite taking a long time to reach its maximum potential as it depends on the interaction of users, it will perform an increasingly intelligent service over time as it has an artificial neural network inspired by the human brain.

Therefore, the recommendation is to offer a hybrid service – especially soon after the system has been implemented -so that the chatbot can forward the customer to a human attendant if he still does not know how to resolve the request.

If you still don’t understand the difference between a chatbot based on guidelines and what is based on Artificial Intelligence, this turns out to be the main difference. As much as the AI ​​chatbot doesn’t know how to solve a request, it will learn about what happened and have the information needed next time this problem appears.

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