7 Tips For Doing Email Marketing The Right Way

Does your business use email marketing to communicate with customers? Then this article is for you! Check out below seven tips to do email marketing the right way.

Tip 1 – Never Buy Email Lists

What’s worth more? A purchased list of 10,000 people who don’t know your brand (and maybe don’t even need your business); or a list of 1,000 people who have chosen to receive content from your brand? It’s the second group!

The first golden rule to create successful email marketing is: to send messages only to those who have previously agreed to receive your content.

Don’t just consider the volume of emails on your list. You better think about the quality of this list first. Do you know why? It may be that most of the addresses there don’t even exist (this is one of the factors for you to be classified as spam).

Tip 2 – Use Professional Shipping Tools

Some still use the company’s email platform to do email marketing” (pasting the list of clients in copy). This practice can be very harmful to the brand!

One of the criteria for a sender to be classified as spam is the excessive amount of addresses being copied. Therefore, if you email marketing the wrong way, your message may be in the spam box.

Furthermore, it will not be possible to measure the concrete results of this shooting. How many people opened your message? How many people clicked on links? How many people bought because of email marketing? Platforms for individual users do not provide this data for you to measure shooting performance.

The second golden rule for email marketing is: never shoot your emails through Outlook, Gmail, or other platforms designed for individual use!

There are several professional tools for sending email marketing. If you google it, you will find a wide range of options. 

Tip 3 – Create Your Emails List And Segment Your Audience

Instead of buying an email list, your company should create its mailing list. How to do this? There are several ways. You can create landing pages and signup forms on your website and capture lead through social media ads (among others).

When creating your list, the more customer information you have, the better; this way, you will be able to segment this list into more specific interest groups. 

FOR EXAMPLE: Suppose you own a clothing store. It would be very important to know the age and gender of the person who provided the email. That way, you will be able to create much more relevant messages!

Tip 4 – Create Content That Add Value For Your Readers

Nobody likes people who only talk about themselves, do they? The same thing goes for your company’s communication when doing email marketing. So, avoid sending messages that only talk about how good your product/service is.

Don’t be a salesperson pushing something the customer doesn’t want. Be a facilitator who helps customers solve their problems. By combining this practice with a well-built list, you can deliver messages that make your customers’ lives easier.

FOR EXAMPLE: Suppose your company is a real estate company. You could segment your email list by the size of the house people searched for on your site. This way, it would be possible to personalize the contents of the email marketing.

To the list of people looking for kitchenettes, you could send “Furnished house is not always more expensive! Find out why”. For the list of people looking for luxury condominium homes, you could send “Meet all the five-star condos in town.”

Tip 5 – Get To The Point: The Simple, The Better

Our time is getting more and more precious. It’s the same for your customers. What is the purpose of your message? Make this clear by building a catchy headline representing your email marketing content.

Will you post an offer? Say in the title what the type of offer is; in the message, present the products and values ​​without going too far. Will you send any documents attached? Tell the reader that your message contains something to download.

Tip 6 – Create A Visually Flashing Message

Design is critical to retaining your reader’s attention. So, create a message that jumps to the eye before you start reading. In addition to reaffirming your brand’s visual identity, you can include eye-catching buttons (CTA’s) leading to specific pages on your site. 

Caution: It is dangerous to do email marketing that consists only of images. Because it is not certain that all people will be able to open the images, to ensure that your message will reach the greatest number of readers, leave the most important information in text format.

Ideally, merge the text content with relevant images. This makes reading more enjoyable and your email richer.

Tip 7 – Always Analyze Results And Make Improvements

Without analyzing the results, it is impossible to determine if you are on the right track! That’s why the importance of using professional tools to do email marketing. Check out the main metrics below:

Emails Delivered

With this number, you can measure the quality of the email list and its segmentation, assessing whether the sending frequency is correct.

Open Rate

Several messages are read about the number of messages sent. Here you can assess the quality of themes, titles, and segmentation.

Click Through Rate

It is the relationship between the messages read and the amount of engagement with them. Here you can measure the quality of your email layout, text, and relevance.


Several times the email’s objective was achieved: opening a page, downloading a file, making an online purchase, etc. Here you measure the effective result of your email marketing campaign.

The analysis of these numbers can vary greatly depending on the objective of your campaign and its end goal.

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