Data To Monitor And Prevent Business Crises

Data to Monitor: The care in gathering, organizing, and analyzing business data and information is usually very useful for the most diverse organizational situations and avoiding potential crises, even before they happen.

All thanks to information monitoring and crisis management with data intelligence. Efficient management usually thinks about every decision to be taken in the company to achieve its objectives and goals. Therefore, of course, we include the prevention of possible crises. In today’s article, learn how your company’s data can help you carry out intelligent monitoring and deal with a crisis scenario in your business. Follow now!

What Is A Business Crisis?

It can be called an adversity situation with a possible negative impact on that company. It is a time of great uncertainty and requires a certain amount of care and delicacy to overcome any critical situation.

It cannot just be an image crisis, which alters the good reputation that the company has built; it can be any problem that affects the proper functioning of the business. Events that, if not very well monitored and without efficient management and containment of this crisis, have the power to end a brand or business completely.

How Important Is Crisis Management?

Investing in a company’s communication and marketing is also working on its branding and focusing on actions that promote the brand positively and assertively. These identifying points must be improved and perfected. And yet, promoting different strategies that manage to transmit the positive and strong points that a certain brand has.

When there is a business crisis, the faster and more proactive measures that can be taken to deal with the crisis, the less damage can occur.

Any company concerned with its good reputation and image with its customers, consumers and partners certainly invests in crisis monitoring and management to get around issues that can unbalance and reduce business success.

What Data To Analyze To Prevent Possible Crises?

Market intelligence has already proven to be quite effective in being able to analyze possible business risks and circumvent adverse situations, thus making it possible to make intelligent decisions. Some important data to analyze and monitor to prevent potential crises are:

  • Consumer behavior;
  • Customer loyalty rate;
  • Team productivity;
  • Turnover;
  • Alignment of expectations and goals;
  • Quality of internal and external communication;
  • Existence of optimized processes;
  • Mentions about the company on social media;
  • Quality of products and services provided.

In addition to these points, many other essential data about your company are worth including in the crisis prevention report so that this monitoring can be as complete and objective as possible in its analyses.

Since a company’s reputation is gradually built procedurally, it should continue being something continuous and everyone’s concern.

Understand The Concept Of Data Privacy

All issues related to data privacy, or even the protection of privacy or data protection, have become urgent points for knowledge and reaction. From individual and private initiatives until the creation of the first laws dealing with privacy, today we already live with many strategies designed precisely so that personal data are minimally private, in addition to handing over the right over these same data directly to the person (the bearer).

All this is because with the internet and all the digital operations we carry out at all times, a large amount of data is generated and shared, even circulating within irregular processes that can expose our security. Continue reading to understand data privacy and the main results already achieved with this topic.


It could be easier to understand what privacy is, something inherent to anyone because it is the right to preserve personal information and one’s life. The concept of data privacy applies so that individuals and companies have control over their data, whether in digital channels or not.

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