Business Partner: What Is It And Its Importance For Your Company

Business Partner: Do you know what is one of the biggest challenges today for organizations? Engage your employees in the same direction of results and quality of life along the journey toward innovation.

When a company finds the best way to achieve these strategic objectives, it can improve its processes, relate more assertively with its public and be increasingly profitable.

But we know very well that staying competitive in the market is complex. For this, several business models aim to create strategies that seek innovation and continuous improvement of these processes for organizations.

Purpose Of A Business Partner

The real purpose of this professional is to know people management processes in the organization and also about business so that it is possible to develop alignment strategies between the two focuses and generate more efficient results for the whole.

You may be asking! – But didn’t all leaders already have to master this vision? The answer could be yes, but we are well aware that the sectoral operation has taken up the time of these leaders, not to mention that each one ends up ‘seeing’ the reality surrounding them.

This professional must maintain balance in relations between specialists from all sectors, process executors, and the executive’s adviser to generate facilitation and smooth running of business dynamics.

Essential Activities

Before implementing this figure in your organization, you must know that the professional who will play this role of Business Partner must have knowledge of a large part of people management processes and a deep understanding of the business to be able to discuss strategic solutions for the company.

He must act as a kind of adviser to the company’s executives, as well as maintain the balance of relations between the specialists in the areas and the executors of the processes, acting as a facilitator for the smooth running of the business dynamics.

Its performance permeates some demands, such as analyzing whether the proper training is being applied to employees in each area. It would be the first filter between the Manager’s request and HR to conduct this analysis of need and applicability with the core business of that sector and the company. 

He constantly needs to evaluate when he should use existing policies in companies or when he needs to create a specific policy to meet the needs of a group of employees. 

In previous articles, I have already talked about digital skills and which positions would remain in the future and which would be extinct; the Business Partner is one of those positions that will have more and more space and market in this very near future. Considering that we are living in a dynamic and fast time.

What Are The Challenges?

Based on the concepts of the agreement with Dave, we will have at least five challenges that will be crucial for this professional:

Develop more than simply developing plans; this professional will need to put them into practice, defining each action necessary for them to materialize and always monitoring their execution.


The mission of providing a balance between meeting the demands of those involved in the organization and the partners is also part of the role of the Business Partner. In summary, it is to promote the interests of these groups and keep the business profitable. 


He will be primarily responsible for developing an integrated plan, aligning the work and interests of people management with the business.


Analyzing the impact of isolated actions on the company’s strategy is another one of his concerns, carefully assessing possible risks.


Most importantly, prepare the team to disseminate and apply the developed strategies.

What’s The Profile?

To facilitate your search for this professional, I have listed some points below:

  • Flexibility;
  • Knowledge about the business;
  • be a good facilitator;
  • Possess high-level negotiation skills;
  • People management basics;
  • Knowledge in processes.

Although this role is completely strategic, it needs to be very well thought out and structured so that it does not generate time investment and low results. It is good that this professional is well-rested, which helps him obtain strategic results.

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