Cloud Computing: 5 Trends For 2022

Cloud Computing is a technology that allows the remote use of computing resources over the internet. However, those who do not know about cloud computing need to learn more about the subject, and thus implementing it, after all, provides excellent results.

To understand even more about this technology, follow this article and learn about the five trends to follow. Good reading!

What Is Cloud Computing

Simply put, it is a technology that allows remote access to software, file storage, and data processing. This is all through the internet. However, it is epitomized by the powers of IT, together with the demands of computing, data storage, networks, and applications in shared environments. 

In this technology, pricing begins to be paid for using what was consumed. This approach reduces costs and is a dynamic way to meet your business needs in a simple, secure, and cost-effective manner. With it, it is also necessary to evaluate cloud security.

Cloud Computing And Its Impact On The Corporate World

In the corporate world, cloud computing and digital transformation have impacted the flexibility, efficiency, economy, security, and scalability of a website. 

In addition, it can work with the newsletter, a simple way to make periodic publications of subscriber companies, informing what is relevant to interested parties.

Therefore, this technology allows large or small corporations full access to the infrastructure necessary to operate in this online scenario.

Small And Medium Businesses And Access To Cloud Computing

It’s not just big companies that boast about cloud computing. Small and medium businesses can benefit from this tool. Its practicality is valid for companies of all sizes. Can assist in the information system. The correct use of cloud computing helps reduce costs, offering solutions that, for the most part, do not need a license. It only reduces expenses such as air conditioning, energy, and physical space.

Top 5 Trends In Cloud Computing

Cloud computing trends are linked with digital transformation and increasingly optimizing system functionality. For this reason, we have separated a list of 5 main trends in cloud computing.

Which will help when it comes to adopting the best technology and understanding the essential changes for companies. Check out!

#1 Hybrid And Multi-Cloud

A hybrid cloud combines private and public cloud platforms and can refer to cloud solutions that work together. On the other hand, multi-cloud describes IT environments that rely on multiple cloud technologies. These cloud-tied services also impact the SaaS market.

#2 Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

It is a popular service model for companies seeking autonomy in configuring and managing applications. Thus, it is possible to have access to processing resources, memory, storage, database, virtual machines, and servers.

#3 Platform As A Service (PaaS)

It is a service for hosting and implementing hardware and software used to provide applications through the internet. PaaS works as an environment made available for development.

#4 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is nothing more than the ability of electronic devices to function in ways that resemble human thinking. In addition to being a field of academic studies, it implies understanding variable decisions and solving problems.

#5 5G

The term 5G is the new generation of mobile internet, an evolution of the current 4G connection. The promise is that 5G will provide more speed when downloading files, reduce response time on different devices, and make connections more stable. 

The purpose of this connection is to make everything even more connected. Such as cell phones, cars, refrigerators, washing machines, security cameras, and many other electronic devices that have an internet connection.

Before deploying cloud computing, it is recommended that you analyze your business needs and priorities to decide which services will be essential. The market has many possibilities! Then analyze and perform tests, observe how your company behaves with the service, and gradually implement cloud computing in your projects.

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