6 Tips For Creating Video Content For Social Media

Content For Social Media: Convinced about the importance of using videos for social media? It’s time to learn how to create this type of content.

After all, the strategy can be perfect, but without the necessary planning and knowledge, it can backfire. Currently, the format is one of the most used and most popular on social networks. 

Videos reinforce brand positioning, generate authority, and attract more user attention and engagement. They also provide relevant information about your audience and improve your ranking on Google

For videos for social networks to work in favor of your brand, we have prepared some important tips. We selected tips with the most used applications for the creation of these contents.

How To Create Videos For Social Media 

Some steps are important for your videos to stand out on social networks. Check out!

Know Your Persona 

The first step is knowing what content engages and attracts your persona. This way, you can also understand which video format is most suitable.  

You need to know which interests will be part of your narrative and which contents are relevant and useful. The focus should be on resolving pain and bringing the right solutions to this audience. 

Video Format

Even before preparing your script, it is important to determine which video format you intend to make. Depending on the chosen type, the strategy and the elaboration of the content can change. 

The videos for social networks that generate the most engagement are: 

  • Animation;
  • Demonstration of products and services;
  • Trends;
  • Social Proof;
  • Content;
  • Review;
  • Interview;
  • Webinar.

Script Creation

The roadmap is important to guide your strategy. Carefully structure your narrative by defining scenes, video stages, characters, and plot.

In videos for social networks, capturing the user’s attention in the first few seconds is recommended. Therefore, introduce the subject clearly and attractively. 

Scenario Definition

The scenario where your video will be recorded must also be suitable for the previous topics. See how important this planning is? 

Establishing a recording location gives your social media videos a professional look. The scenario also counts in the user’s perception when watching its content, bringing more hits.


Good lighting makes all the difference in social media videos. It is essential to use the light to your advantage, so be aware of some details. Take care of issues like shadows and excess light.

Having the help of some equipment can help. Consider professionalizing your productions by using a soft box, ring light, and LED spotlights.


Don’t forget the subtitles in your social media videos. Captions make your content inclusive and accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Another benefit is that they contribute positively to the user experience.

Top Apps For Creating Videos

Creating videos for social media takes time, knowledge, and the right tools. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best apps for you to venture into this universe. Ready? 


InShot is the most popular app for editing videos for social media. It’s ideal for anyone who does the entire capture and editing process on their cell phone. It works for both beginners and more advanced users. 

Among the resources available are image cuts, transitions, and resizing, the inclusion of a soundtrack, among other possibilities. You can download the app for iOS and Android.


Quick is the official GoPro app. It can be very useful in organizing files and processing images. Available for iOS and Android, it is not limited to productions made with the camera.

The application allows you to transfer files to your cell phone. It also offers several features such as filters, speed adjustment, synchrony between audio and image, and transitions simply and intuitively.


Free and quite complete, Cap cut is also available for iOS and Android. The app is great for mobile editing. Its functions include trimming, the inclusion of soundtrack, effects, filters, and automatic subtitles.

You Cut

You cat is an Android application with cutting, editing, effects, and transitions. It also brings features to compress file sizes and share your video directly on social networks.


iMovie lets you create, edit and share videos to social media using your Mac or iOS. One of the highlights is the feature to create trailers, which offer decorated theme options. The application makes it possible to save videos in high resolution (1080p), ensuring professional quality for your projects. 

Power Director

Power Director is an app for iOS and Android that allows you to edit videos quickly and easily. Editing tools include stability and speed adjustment, chroma key effect, animations, and transitions. All this allows you to export the video in 4K, ensuring high quality.


The simple application offers a chroma key, brightness adjustments, color, and soundtrack. It also brings other useful elements to customize and enrich your videos.  

If you want to boost your sales with an efficient digital marketing strategy, try using videos for social networks. 

Take advantage of our tips for creating your content. Test the different apps to find the ideal one for your use.

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