5 LinkedIn Strategies For B2B Companies

LinkedIn currently has over 260 million monthly active users. Thus, it consolidated itself as the largest network in the world for networking and business connections.

Accelerated growth demonstrates that investing in LinkedIn strategies for B2B companies is essential to obtain numerous benefits.

Until recently, it was common for LinkedIn to arouse the curiosity of some and the distrust of many. After all, what is the purpose of this network? How to use it? Gradually, we learned. And today, we already know everything has its place, like everything in life, right? Friendship, dating, jokes, memes and, why not, professional affairs and business! 

So, instead of wondering why to use the network, it’s time to master LinkedIn strategies for B2B companies. Let’s go. 

LinkedIn Strategies For B2B Companies

Produce Social Content

Among the various LinkedIn strategies for B2B companies is the production of Content. The network allows sharing from articles to slideshows and videos. 

Want motivation for this? LinkedIn accounts for over 50% of social traffic to B2B websites. In addition, it is considered the most credible source of Content. As a result, 98% of content marketers use the network, especially for B2B marketing and lead generation.

But, of course, it is necessary to create valuable content, paying attention to the interests of those who are part of this network. Fortunately, LinkedIn itself points north :

  •  60% of members are interested in industry insights.
  •  53% are interested in company news.
  •  43% are interested in new products and services.

Remember: the best LinkedIn strategies for B2B companies rely on targeting your Content. Study your audience and your persona, be consistent and maintain the frequency of posts. Don’t forget to explore the image resource. And, as it is a business-oriented network, bet on a more corporate tone – without being boring or too serious.

Publish Articles 

Article publishing is one of the most important LinkedIn strategies for B2B companies. Choose themes relevant to your niche, educational Content and market analysis. Include a balance of your best blog articles, deals, and industry-related news.

Golden tip: it’s essential to talk about topics relevant to your consumer’s pains and needs, not about how amazing your company is.

Use The LinkedIn Newsletter

There is something new among LinkedIn strategies for B2B companies. In March of this year, the platform released the newsletter feature for companies. This is an extension of the LinkedIn Pulse articles. 

With the newsletter, your readers become subscribers and receive notifications whenever there is new Content. You can set the frequency – daily, weekly or monthly. The article is also sent to the inbox of the email address linked to the LinkedIn account.

Invest In Ads

Like other networks, LinkedIn strategies for B2B companies include a tool to create and manage ad campaigns on the platform: LinkedIn Ads.

Sponsored Content 

Sponsored Content appears in the user’s feed, interspersed with posts from people they follow. The “sponsored” tag comes right below the brand name. This template can use several resources, including videos, still images or carousels. In this way, conversions, qualified leads and brand reputation increase.

Sponsored In Mail

InMail is LinkedIn’s private communication channel. Among the objectives of this tool, we can mention the following:

  • disclosure of events;
  • free product trials;
  • public education about the product.

As for the possibilities of InMail, there are buttons with CTAs in messages and interactive Content – ​​for example, links or forms for lead generation. In addition, it is possible to monitor who interacts with the material.

Text Ads

Have you ever heard of Text Ads? These ads are located in the right column of LinkedIn. They consist of an image thumbnail, a title and a short descriptive text. The resource produces traffic to websites, social networks and other Content.

Dynamic Ads

With this tool, there is the possibility to create individualized advertisements on a large scale. And how does it works? Such advertisements include both your image and your profile data and have the following purposes:

  • Promote your brand or Content.
  • Generate traffic.
  • Convert new customers.

As we’ve seen, LinkedIn strategies for B2B companies are powerful and tailored to reach the right audience for your business. It’s time to start inserting them into your digital marketing efforts.

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