Why Using WhatsApp GB Can Bring Risks To Your Business?

The application’s name, “WhatsApp GB,” was one of the most commented subjects on Twitter and was not for nothing. The “clone” of the traditional messaging application connects to a conventional WhatsApp account.

It offers extra functions, such as scheduling messages, the possibility of hiding online status, and relating more than one phone number to the same profile.

However, this “pirate” has consequences for users and companies since user information is stored on unreliable servers produced by the developers. In the case of a minor problem, the user may face technical instabilities and, in the worst case, may have their data leaked or stolen.

There have even been reports of a group creating malware, embedding it in the software, and the manufacturer not realizing it and the problems we already know. Plenty of reasons for traditional WhatsApp to block users using the parallel platform.

And The Impacts On The Operation Of A Company

From the security of the user’s data to access to applications that are important for the day-to-day business and confidential information, they can be affected when employees are free to download applications without a concrete definition of a security policy carried out by the team. of IT and Telecom of the company.

The case of WhatsApp GB is just one where the original application can be used as a source for exchanging messages, files, and work groups, leaving vulnerable confidential information that is part of its core business. That is, data such as customer base, budgets, billing, and bank details, among others, is open to malware that, with this information in hand, can cause incalculable inconvenience for your business.

According to specialists, a function where the company’s IT and Telecom management automatically downloads applications directly to employees’ devices would extinguish the risk of unnecessary, unauthorized, and harmful installations to the business.

WhatsApp: How To Keep Your Device Secure

You’ve probably already heard someone say that your life was all inside your cell phone. Who knows, maybe you’ve already said something similar. The truth is that with current facilities and constant technological advances, the idea that cell phones are now of great importance in people’s lives is not just a force of expression. A lot of information about you is there. How many are social networking apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram on your device? Is your bank app installed on your smartphone? Have you ever made any transfers within WhatsApp? 

The variety of features is so great, and the operations are so routine that most people end up relaxing with cell phone protection. 

With such valuable data about you and your business stored on your mobile device, it’s important to read this article. You will learn about some of the main risks and scams carried out by criminals and how to protect your cell phone best, avoiding theft of your profile and information.

The Greatness Of Mobile Devices In Numbers

In recent years, the most varied technologies have entered people’s lives. It isn’t easy to meet someone who doesn’t use a mobile device and doesn’t have an account on at least one social network. In addition to the fact that communication between people has become more agile with the use of cell phones, other factors have also provided a stronger connection between people and devices. 

Watch movies and series through the various streaming services, store files in the cloud, use bank applications to carry out financial transactions, request transport or order food through delivery apps.

Your Great Friend WhatsApp 

It’s easier to find gold than someone who doesn’t have the messaging app installed on their phone, whether it’s sharing photos with the family, sending a quick message between friends, or even commercial use using WhatsApp Business.

Easy to use, free, and with many features, the application has a long life here. But despite the success, some dangers are also being pointed out recently. 

Both for companies that need to manage applications or sales and for individuals. One topic of concern is related to cell phone protection.

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