Which Types Of Software Are Best Suited For Your Company?

The secret of the best companies begins with the ideal choice of the types of software that help in productive terms. Productivity, integration and agility of programs help make strategic decisions or change mindsets.

See the list with a summary of the seven forms of corporate applications most indicated by experts.

1 – CRM: Customer Relationship Management

CRM is one of the types of software that works best for you to manage or analyze the interactions between your company and your customers. Data analysis, assertiveness in advertising investment, strategic plans to leverage sales, in short, there are several advantages to using it.

Free or paid versions of CRM programs work with important consumer data: income, residence, age group and even purchasing behaviors. Thanks to these resources, sellers can add or receive information remotely.

In some editions, it is possible to cross-reference big data to find specific answers, such as Regions that sell the most items, ineffective points of sale and other aspects favorable to profitability.

The more robust the program, the better the power of the computers must be. When executed, the best CRM applications consume much of the machine’s RAM.

2 – ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is a management program that guides decision-making. Any activity carried out in the business is informed in the corporate agenda: Products in stock, accounts payable or receivable, salaries, and bonuses, among others.

The types of ERP software are excellent guides. For example, Before paying a particular bill, you can check whether it has already been born when accessing the programs.

For particular academics, ERP models can integrate different data from an organization, from cash flow to tax settlement, thus establishing a global communication channel between employees that is fully scalable.

There are free and paid types of ERP software for different business budgets. If the program is simple with few integrated machines, using a more basic computer works to access or manipulate data, as long as it is not overloaded with other information capable of slowing down processing.

3 – Types Of Software For Communication

Communication is an area that involves several tasks and different demands, which is why the types of software for this segment can be revolutionary.

At one time or another, it is necessary to hold a conference with employees, salespeople and even customers. The least expensive and most advisable way to carry out this form of communication is to use applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Google Hangouts, among others, free of charge.

Once your team works on longer and more complex projects, it is essential to use a program called Slack, developed by Microsoft, which is popular even among multinationals. In the application, discussions are separated according to specific objectives or themes, and the initial service already has complete resources, although free, perfect for small businesses.

Phone calls and video calls may freeze on computers with lower RAM capacity or with a lot of accumulated data. In addition to the machine, you need broadband internet to use these systems effectively.

4 – Help Desk (Customer Service)

Social media, telephone, chats, email, and all these channels related to customer support can be optimized using Help Desk software. To use these applications, it is recommended to have computers that have potent processors to speed up quick responses.

From the moment a customer establishes contact with your company, at the same time, it goes straight to a platform that can be used to manage responses to all requests without exception.

5 – Digital Marketing

Have you ever imagined a tool to manage social networks, leads, email, landing pages and the potential of your SEO strategy?

All the information is in just one place; this is the concept behind the types of software for online marketing, capable of structuring advertising campaigns that would be impossible to execute manually.

For these applications to work efficiently, those responsible must nourish these programs with triggers and essential data to send automatic messages to each receiver.

Lead Lovers and Send Grid are examples of success in the sector, in paid or free versions. You do not need a computer with extreme power, but it is advisable to use machines that are not slow in operations when working with these programs.

6 – Business Intelligence

Different segments of activity require different types of software to perform tasks. Management support, information sharing, monitoring, data collection and bases for analysis are some of the primary purposes for BI (Business Intelligence) software types, useful in converting excess information into important content for you to make strategic decisions.

Using dedicated computers at the speed of data processing is valid, as such applications receive real-time communications from the most diverse areas. With BI programs, you have a dashboard available with complete information and personalized reports.

7 – Store Information Online: Dropbox And Google Drive

Backing up your data is essential. For any unforeseen event, the information can disappear from the computer, which causes headaches, unless you have all the content saved in programs such as Google Drive and Dropbox, available for free, accessible for PCs, notebooks, smartphones, and tablets, among others. Devices.

Learn below some examples of corporate programs: Types of software paid or free examples CRM Intercom, HubSpot, Streak, Bitrix24 or Fresh sales ERP SAP, Totvs, Linux, Retail Pro and Micropsia Communication WhatsApp, Skype and Google Hangouts Help Desk Zendesk, Desk Manager, Octa desk and Intercom Digital Marketing Lead Lovers and Send Grid Business Intelligence IBM Watson Analytics, Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power, Project BI, Pentaho, Jaspersoft, BIRT and Tableau Backup Google Drive and Dropix.

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